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I never used to believe that a show could be so good that someone could binge-watch it. Until it happened to me. I have now binge-watched multiple shows; however, the following recommendations are three completely different types of shows in regards to setting and character relationships. I think at least one of these can spark your interest.

New Girl

New Girl is one of those shows that at some point you can relate to every character. Jess is a pretty quirky girl that moves into a house of all dudes. You can only imagine the relationships and craziness that go on in this house. It is also a great show to watch because if you stop paying attention for a little bit, it is not hard to figure out what you missed. I think this is one of the best upbeat but still entertaining binge-able shows.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A show about a bunch of cops and detectives. What could be so funny about that? I’m not sure, but they made it work. Each character has a completely different way they believe things should be done. Having such different beliefs creates competition and weird bonds that are funny. At the same time, these individuals are fighting crimes and solving cases. These calls are serious but somehow these characters manage to make remarks to keep the show entertaining and funny.

The Office

If you haven’t seen The Office, you haven’t truly binge-watched a show. The Office is a classic. The best thing about it is that it truly takes a while to finish, even if you are binging it. There are so many seasons and episodes that you can watch for a while before having to figure out a new show. The Office is about a group of coworkers living their everyday life. However, with their interesting boss and coworker relationships, there is always something going on. I was against this show for a while, because I didn’t want to watch a show that everyone talked about. However, eventually, when I did give in, I realized why everyone talked about it.

I think it is important that everyone binge-watches at least one show in their lifetime. I have been so against it for years, but there’s something about putting yourself into these worlds that makes you feel like any stress or worry you have has gone away. I think that it is almost like therapy, in that makes you feel better no matter what. For this reason, I recommend taking the time to binge-watch a show or two, maybe even one of the ones above.

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