The Best Reaction Tweets to Donald Trump's UMass Tweet

Donald Trump has always been a dominant person of interest when it came to the media thanks to his interesting (being the nice word) comments and actions over the years. Thanks to some more “interesting” comments made during his running as the presidential Republican candidate, it seems that Mr. Trump just cannot get enough of himself in the spotlight. So it was no surprise when he took to his Twitter to thank UMass Amherst for all the support. The word support surprised me too. But remember that this was not a poll of UMass students.

In the first couples weeks of November, UMass Poll helped with a survey conducted by YouGov America that was based on 318 likely Republican voters. The survey results found that thirty one percent of these likely Republican voters would choose Trump first over other candidates- hence a celebratory tweet from Trump himself.  

Eager to see what the response would be, I logged on to Twitter. Although I am sure there were countless numbers of indirect responding tweets, there were not as many directly responding tweets as I thought there would be. But, alas, I was not disappointed. Leave it to the great people of Twitter to render responses worthy of both a laugh and a retweet. Of course there were all different approaches used when making responding tweets, here were some of my favorites:

1. There was the lovable possibly sarchastic approach:

2. And the to the point "You're a fool, Harry Potter and you will lose everything" approach:

3. The "I'm going to insult you with a YouTube video that says you don't know how to read and are running for President":

4. The simple, yet effective "Trump2016" hashtag approach:


5. The two word I-just-shut-you-down approach:

6. And, the classic, stereotype Republicans approach:


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