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The Best Presentations From My Friend’s Niche Powerpoint Nights

Let’s take a gander down memory lane, specifically one year ago today during the very beginning of the COVID quarantine. If you were anything like me, you would be feeling extremely uneasy at the prospect of being unable to see your friends, indefinitely, until this crazy time was over. Spoiler alert April 2020 Caelyn, that crazy time is STILL happening. But it’s a little less uneasy now because I’ve figured out how to safely spend time with my lovely friends… 

The “Niche Powerpoint Night,” now abbreviated as NPN, was born out of quarantine as a COVID safe way to have fun with your friends. But now that some of us are vaccinated, and soon to be vaccinated, the NPN can be brought to group gatherings to be enjoyed together. Each friend creates a PowerPoint presentation on some topic they are interested in or passionate about and presents it to the group. It’s super simple and a great way to learn more about what your besties care about. I have compiled the greatest powerpoints from my group’s many NPN’s, and I hope you readers take some inspiration from their topics. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the genius work of my hometown friends. 

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Five Extremely Specific Types of Men I Have Encountered in My Lifetime

My friend Riya presented this PowerPoint and illustrated intriguing archetypes of the “Ethan,” the “Ashton,” the “Andrew,” the “Chirag,” and the “Ronnie.” This PowerPoint led to hours of conversation of which man was most similar to each one of the friends witnessing this PowerPoint. I highly recommend any presentation where you expand upon your own lived experience.

My Wedding Rules

I absolutely love weddings and have definitely spent my fair share of time watching Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings so I was really excited for this presentation. My friend Danielle not only covered guest etiquette and dress codes, but also gave a great overview of planned activities and goals for the event that really brought it to life. If you enjoy party planning, DEFINITELY do this presentation!

Unpopular Opinion: Drinking Milk is Normal

Jillian took on this bear of a topic. The topic of drinking regular milk by itself is a HUGE controversy within our friend group and I respect Jill greatly for having the courage to voice her personal opinion. I can’t say I agree, but I respect it. Controversial opinions make excellent powerpoints.

Why We Will All End Up in Prison

This presentation had a storyline that connected everyone’s individual crimes to a massive plot to overthrow the government. This came from the mind of Caitlin, and not only is the creativity there, but also the individual assessment of what crimes each of us were capable of committing showed a lot of consideration. This would be a great PowerPoint to show how well you know the group.

Ranking The People We’ve Been With on an Abby Lee Miller Dance Pyramid

My friends are all very close so we know a significant amount about each other’s lives, including people we have liked or dated, or hooked up with. So with that information, I decided to create a pyramid for each of my friends, ranking the people they have been in a hierarchical fashion. This was one of my favorite ones to make, and also one of the longest presentations we’ve had because I justified each placement on every pyramid. It was absolutely worth the time and effort.

How I Would Parent

This PowerPoint was incredibly well thought out. My friend Christian had solid logic for his parenting choices and split up the rules into various categories like technology, fashion/hair, and behavior. I think any child would be lucky to have him as a father. The highlight of this presentation for me was the requirement that all Instagram bios must be ‘short and aesthetically pleasing.’ Fair enough.

Sigma Gata Apple Pie Google Form

Just for context, the ‘Sigma Gata’ part is a made-up fraternity we created to name our group chat. The credit for this presentation goes to Caitlin once again! She created a google form with a bunch of questions like “most likely to be famous,” “most likely to die a mysterious, unexplained death” and “most likely to be married with kids before 30” and we all chose one person who most fit the description. Her presentation was an overview of the results. Again, very creative!

Why You Should Let Me in the “Bridgerton” Group Chat

This presentation made me laugh SO much. A few friends out of our friend group started watching Bridgerton around the same time, so we made a group chat to talk about the episodes as we watched them. Danielle wanted in on this group chat even though she wasn’t watching it, and there was resistance from certain people because the hope was that we could convince everyone to watch the show, and if people were added to the group chat they may get spoilers. However, I respect the persuasive essay nature of this PowerPoint. I think NPN would be a great time to bring up disagreements that need to be resolved.

How Many Shots it Would Take For Me to Hookup With Past Caelyn’s

This was my work and the thought process began when I looked at my Snapchat memories and realized I looked completely different every couple of months. I think quarantine was a transformative journey for me so I ranked the aesthetic changes in the presentation. I highly recommend this for people who have encountered one too many identity crises. Also, this is of course, hypothetical, and for all the under 21 readers, you can always change the scale.


Okay, this was absolutely one of my favorite powerpoints any of my friends have made. Carmel used a Hunger Games simulator (which you can find here) and entered all of our exes as the participants. She summarized each day and night based on what the simulator said each participant did and OMG it was thorough! This caused so much discussion in the zoom chat. We were DEEPLY psychoanalyzing these people to try and predict who would win. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Feel free to replicate these presentations with your own people. Happy PowerPoint making!

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