Best New YouTube Craze: Honest Trailers

I think we’ve all geared up for a night out with friends, a new hyped-up movie release, and an extra-large carton of Dibs (highly recommend, they’re actually pure deliciousness), only to find that the acting's a disaster, or that the ending left you like:

Sometimes the entire movie is just so awful that you briefly consider rioting against the theater to get your $12 back.

Screen Junkies’ "Honest Trailers" say out loud all of the things we really think while watching these popular flicks, the kinds of things you’ll never hear in a critic’s review. From the movies we love, to the ones we love to hate, these spins on the flicks we've all come to know will have you clutching your sides and admitting to yourself:

Here are a few of their best ones:

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I know, I know. I love a good Hunger Games film as much as anyone, but you gotta admit, this trailer is just too on-point and too entertaining not to include.

Quote: Experience a film that’s ultimately just a commercial for the next film.

2. Man of Steel

Though I was really disappointed with this flick in theaters, I can't even lie, I still watched it online because Henry Cavill is actually physical perfection... Don't judge me.

Quote: He’s the hero who stood for truth, justice, and the American way, but this time stands for destroying American property.

3. After Earth

I actually didn’t mind this movie (I’m a big Will Smith fan so maybe I’m a little biased), but I couldn’t argue with this trailer. There are also some pretty hilarious one-liners mixed in there about the Smith family.

Quote: … disaster strikes as they crash on a terrifying version of “After Earth”: full of non-threats like monkeys, eagles, whales, bugs, snakes, foliage, and the cold. 

4. The Dark Knight

I'm a huge fan of the newest Batman trilogy, especially this movie (I actually sobbed when the late Heath Ledger won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for this film... I'll admit it, no shame), but the quips in this trailer are some of my favorites.

Quote: The Joker will test Batman like never before when he places two hostages at two different locations, which for some reason means that Batman, nor… the Gotham City Police Department, can reach them both at the same time.

5. Titanic

Whether you were a fan of the movie or not, I think every person who's ever seen Titanic has wondered: Why the hell did Jack have to die? 

That door looked pretty big, Rose... And you're a pretty small woman... We saw you naked, be real here. I think it's safe to say you both could have fit.

Quote: Jack is an unrealistically sexy peasant, and Rose is a first-class, suicidal pair of boobs.