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The Best Coffee Shops on Cape Cod (From a Local)

​I've lived on Cape Cod my whole life, and have had plenty of time to frequent the coffee shops in each town. It's so fun to try new shops and compare them to others! There are a lot of spots to choose from, and if I weren't from the area, I would want a list of reccomendations. For this reason, I've compiled my favorites for this article. I hope this little guide will help anyone that's visiting get their coffee fix!

1. Cape Cod Coffee Cafe

Visiting this cafe is a must. This restaurant offers breakfast and lunch, but you can always just stop in for a coffee to go. This place has been all the rage since it was built in Mashpee Commons in 2019. My favorite thing to order here is the avocado toast with egg and home fries. Add an iced coffee to this, and you’ll be in heaven. You can learn more about this spot here on their webiste. 

2. Three Fins Coffee Roasters 

I discovered this trendy coffee shop when I was driving around Dennis with my dad. My favorite part about Three Fins is the atmosphere. The inside is very Urban Outfitters-ish and they’re always playing alternative music over the speakers. Besides the ambiance, the coffee is fire! You will not regret getting an iced almond milk latte here. The coffee is very rich in flavor, and if you’re drinking it in the cafe, they’ll put it in a glass with ice. Check Three Fins out! 

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3. Nirvana Coffee Co

Nirvana is another shop that will make you feel like you’re in an indie movie. It was a favorite of my mom's while she worked in Barnstable Village. She put me on to this place. If you want a coffee shop with diverse flavors, this is the spot. They have everything from caramel to gingerbread. Their breakfast sandwiches also stand out in my book. This is Nirvana's website.

4. Sunbird Cape Cod

Sunbird is the epitome of quirky. The interior looks very vintage with a velvet yellow chair and funky rugs. Their menu is very vegan friendly, and the coffee is tasty. If you want a cool place to check out that's further down the Cape, this is the place. It’s located in Orleans. You can take a peep at their menu here.  

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5. Coffee Obsession 

Coffee Obsession was my favorite when I was little because they have a gelato bar. I’d get mint chocolate chip gelato and a chocolate milk. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve visited and actually gotten a coffee. It’s great. The name matches the feelings you’ll have after you try this shop. You’ll be obsessed. Coffee Obsession is located in Woods Hole, near the Steamship Authority. Check Coffee Obsession out! 

The past year has been very hard on the hospitality industry, especially with less visits from tourists on Cape Cod this past summer. If you have the chance to, support small businesses like these. It's so important! 

Hannah Stapleton

U Mass Amherst '24

Hannah Stapleton is a freshman hospitality & tourism major at UMass Amherst. When she's not living in Amherst you'll find her adventuring around Cape Cod, which is where she grew up. Hannah is a passionate music lover and very appreciative of the people who are vocal about their current favorite songs.
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