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Being Single on Valentine’s Day: A Disaster or Blessing in Disguise?

Hello to my fellow single ladies!

For many of you, I know Valentine’s Day is far from your favorite day of the year; the increasing sense of dread from the population of singles is pretty hard to ignore these days. I know all of you lovely ladies are just looking for a little love and attention, and dread the day that you are so painfully reminded of your current relationship status. But cheer up ladies, and dread Valentine’s Day no more.

Although I have successfully made it through many Valentine’s Days without men knocking on my door and begging for my attention, I will be the first to attest that V-Day is one fabulous holiday.

There are so many great ways to celebrate February 14th, you just have to look for them.

Why not use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to give yourself a little love and a day of TLC with your gal pals? We spend so much time keeping busy with classes, homework, clubs, and balancing a social life, that we often forget to take the time out to just relax. So snuggle up with your fellow single ladies, pop in your favorite movies and order enough egg rolls for a small army while you paint your nails, and catch up on each other’s lives.


And even though you are spending a little money with your girls, it is probably considerably less than what you would be spending on your significant other. Use your hard earned money you saved and show your closet a little love. Go out and get that brand new pair of red hot suede close-toed wedge heels with the cute ankle strap that you have been eyeing for months.

I have made many of these much-needed purchases. And let me just say, my fabulously decorated feet have no complaints this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

This holiday, while created for two, can be about you!

While you’re cuddling in your pajamas, makeup-less and carefree, just remember that you have the pleasure of avoiding the pressure that comes with going on a date on Valentine’s Day. Whether it is with your long-term boyfriend or a new guy you just met, there is extra pressure thrown on top of what already can be a nerve-wracking situation. But on your couch there is no need to sit up perfectly, check your makeup, eat acceptable portions, or make sure you say the right things. What could be more of an ideal situation?

If none of these things are convincing enough to you, just remember that there are 364 other days in a year with the same amount of couples and love in the world. This one day should not be a point of sadness or regret, but rather a celebration of all kinds of love – love for your friends, family, and most importantly yourself!

To all of my single sisters: I wish you the best V-Day yet. And whether you decide to stay in or go out, have fun! There is no greater freedom than when you are single, enjoy it!

*Photos taken by Emma Haskell.

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