Becoming A Champ at Hosting Virtual Birthday Parties

When you have a birthday approaching in a month, a big friend group to entertain, and a raging pandemic everywhere, life starts to test your patience. Lucky you, I curated a bunch of creative, cute, and socially distant ideas so that your birthday becomes the talk of the town. Let’s get this party started!

  1. 1. Invitations

    Start by jotting down names in a guest list. Then, send out word for your brilliant birthday bash by making personalized birthday invites through sites like Canva. Include details about the time, the theme, the meeting ID, password, and anything else you’d want them to bring along. Birthday invites are a good way to stir talk around your event, motivate people to attend, and give your loved ones something to look forward to in the midst of their busy lives!  

  2. 2. Virtual Backgrounds

    Going anywhere when Miss Rona reigns is pretty difficult. Coordinating common virtual backgrounds is the perfect solution. Choose between restaurants in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or sunsets in Rome and celebrate your birthday abroad! Or get creative with themes from your favorite TV shows and movies. Spread some gossip in Monica’s living room from “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, practice your spells and charms in Hogwarts, or sit around the conference room from “The Office”!

  3. 3. Always Fun to Dress Up!

    Make this a reason to dress up and let your hair down. Dressing up is the best way to reflect your personality and set the mood for the day. Specify a funky dress code or assign costumes to your friends and family and turn up the heat by taking advantage of pre-installed filters. Here are some ideas to start you off – the leaf hat for an Among Us theme, a tie to show some James Bond suave, Superhero capes, or simply play it safe by wearing a birthday hat!

    Cosmetics and brushes rest on a table
  4. 4. Birthday Games

    Since we’re set on the OOTD, let’s move on to the next element: A game plan. There are tons of virtual multiplayer games out there, including some of my favorites - Minecraft, Fortnite, Scribble, and Counter-Strike. But, if you’re more old school and can’t seem to figure these out, here is a list of party games including Pictionary and Charades that will definitely get you up on your feet for a team challenge!

  5. 5. Bon Appetit!

    cooking cookies with milk

    It’s all fun and games till someone gets hungry! If your party people are a bunch of home chefs and chefettes, send in an easy recipe of your favorite thing to eat. Cooking together on Zoom brings everyone closer and can make for some sweet moments that you’d love to recall every now and then. Although, if you’re someone who starts a fire every time you pick up a pan, ordering in from your favorite restaurant would be the best (and safest) way to go! Chug it down with a cool glass of wine, play some jazz and spend the night talking to your friends as time flies away: a perfect end to your perfect birthday!

Pandemic or no pandemic, there’s no way we’d let you lose out on those special moments, every precious milestone and a day filled with love, life and laughter!