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One of the greatest feelings in the world is finding a beauty product that you love, but the best is when you find one that works for a good price. If you are like me, you don’t mind splurging every once in a while, but most of the time you are on the hunt for a beauty bargain.

I’m sure you’ve all visited the make-up section in Target and noticed that there is an area featuring some unfamiliar beauty brands. I have walked through this section a couplet times and finally I decided I would try out a new brand called Pixi by Petra.

Pixi is a brand that focuses on creating very natural looks or as they call it, a “just had a good night’s sleep look.” I don’t know about you, but when I am buying make-up I always have to look up reviews before I buy. After doing some research online, I picked three different products that had high reviews that I needed in my make-up bag.

I tried them out for you guys and I have to say I was pretty pleased with the results. For a brand not found in a professional beauty store, the products worked well and they definitely helped to create that hard to achieve natural look. So without further ado, I give you Collegiettes, Pixi by Petra.

1. Pixi Concealing Concentrate (0.07 oz.)

Cost: $12.00Shade: Adaptable Beige

When you first open it, this concealer looks as though it has a liquid appearance, but when applied it has a creamy consistency. I applied it under my eyes, but I definitely would recommend placing it on the back of your hand and letting it warm up a bit. Doing that will help with the applying process. I didn’t do this when I applied it, so it was a little hard to work it in. Coverage-wise, I would say one layer for a natural look, but if you are really trying to cover things up go with more than one layer. Another thing to keep in mind, if you are someone who wears makeup in the summer and gets a good tan, then this concealer might not work for you. I tried this after my spring break with a tan and even with the darker shade it looked almost too light. Overall though, I would recommend this concealer. I think if I had applied it to the back of hand first I would have an easier application. The packaging is cute and the amount of product you get should last you, especially if you are going for the natural look.

Would I buy again? Yes! (as a fall and winter concealer)Tip: For maximum coverage when covering those tiny marks or blemishes, apply with a concealer brush and then with clean fingers work the product in.

2. Pixi Natural Brow Duo (0.084 oz.)


Cost: $16.00Shade: Soft Black

I was super excited when I saw that one of the shades available was soft black. I have the hardest time finding a good brow product. I have black eyebrows and whenever I look for a brow product it is either too light or too dark. This was the perfect shade. The duo is great because it comes with a pencil to fill in sparse areas and then a gel to keep brows in place. This is totally travel friendly, which is awesome. The pencil is great because it doesn’t apply too dark at all (when they say soft they mean it). It was so natural looking. The gel was nice too, it didn’t make my brows get that almost crunchy feel. I haven’t tried the other shades, but for those of you with black brows, I highly recommend this shade. I was so happy with the results!

Would I buy again? Yes!Tip: When applying eyebrow pencil for a natural look fill in areas where hair is sparse; naturally thick brows are in!

3. Pixi Fairy Dust (0.02 oz.)


Cost: $10.00Shade: Mocha Magic

This eyeshadow will definitely have you feeling like fairy. When you first put it on, it comes out rather opaque, however after blending it does become sheer. The reason for the change after blending is the applicator; it is described as a wand on the website but it is, put simply, a bit odd. However, what I loved most was that when I blended I didn’t lose the color of the shadow or the sparkles. This is totally a shadow you can layer too! I would however recommend an eyeshadow primer because I absolutely think that’s the reason this eyeshadow went on so well. It comes in eight different shades ranging from light and hardly noticeable to more dark and bold colors. All of them are super pretty and I hope to collect them all!

Would I buy again? Yes!Tip: When using this product an eyeshadow primer is necessary as well as a blending brush. The applicator is a bit odd, but with the help of the brush you will get the shadow to look just right.

Check out the Pixi by Petra brand here

If you try out the brand, leave comments. I would love to hear what you guys thought!

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** Reviews based on the opinion of the author and what works for one person might not work another. These products are recommended, but are not guaranteed. 

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