Bad Habits That Need To Be Broken

Here are a few bad habits that I broke in order to let myself live a more rewarding lifestyle. Remember, you must love who you are because you’re going to be you forever. Breaking bad habits can help you to find more self love and appreciation; it can be hard to do, but it’s key to challenge yourself.

  1. 1. Not making returns on time 

    Ordering something online and not returning it when you intended to is something I used to do a little too often. This can become a huge financial burden. It is so easy to order something online and end up not enjoying it in person, whether the material is not what you expected or it doesn’t fit right. I used to just tell myself I would return things eventually and move on, until it was too late. Do you want to know how many cute shirts I have that I should have tried to exchange for a different size? Instead they are just taking up space and that money I spent is completely lost. Now, I immediately print out the return paperwork and get started on the return process. As college students, returning a thirty dollar shirt can be a lot more impactful than you may think in the moment! Financial health is a real thing and needs to be taken seriously at all points of life.

  2. 2. Stop ordering food 

    Avocado toast, fruits and nuts, and coffee.

    Ordering food more than once a week, or even in general. Everytime I order food, after I eat it, I realize I really didn’t need to spend that money. Between delivery fees and tips, an eight dollar sandwich can double in price. It is such a toxic concept to get addicted to. I have started watching a lot of Tik Tok and Youtube videos, along with asking my mom, about easy meal ideas. Once you have a bunch of ideas listed out, it is easy to make a grocery list and save some serious money!

  3. 3. Take your makeup off before bed

    This is a big one for me… not taking makeup off before bed. I know how bad it is for my skin, but it took me a while to actually stop doing it. I still slip up sometimes, but it is so important to try to remember. Even if you don’t want to do your full skincare routine one random night, at least take the makeup off. It clogs your pores and stops your skin from being able to breathe properly. 

  4. 4. Stop worrying about what people think of you

    This is the most important one for me because it took me almost twenty years to realize this. STOP caring what people think about you. Everyone is so consumed with themselves that really, at the end of day, no one’s opinions matter. As I have grown and matured, I have realized the importance of my own opinion of myself, that is what matters. I need to be as content as I can be with who I am because the temporary opinion of a few people in your life is so meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Be yourself, speak up when you need to, defend yourself, stop saying yes when you want to say no, and love yourself unconditionally. People will talk about you regardless of anything and everything. Try to remember, anyone speaking negatively about you is probably missing something in their own life, and that is not your fault.

These are just a few habits I broke to feel more at peace with myself. They seem small, but it adds up. You constantly have room to change and improve in this world, don't forget it!