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Ask David: Your Questions, Real Answers: The Do’s and Don’ts of Second Semester

Dare I say it? We are within the last hundred days of school, and for some of us, graduation. While cringe-worthy, some have been, (not so) patiently counting down the days until summer break.
Either way, as “they” say, (whomever “they” are,) all good things must come to an end. It may be make or break time for a relationship in your life. Though a sore subject, it’s a harsh reality that every college courtship must deal with in one-way or another. To maintain sanity and live up the rest of your college career, here are a of my second semester do’s and don’t’s…  

Do: Maintain good relationships. Don’t go burning bridges trying to make a last ditch effort to hook up with the one that has eluded you. That just looks desperate, and is a little cliché. Keep things the way they are and enjoy your time. This isn’t the movies; there is no magical kiss in the moonlight.

Honestly, it’s more like a sloppy Chicken Bacon Ranch kiss on N. Pleasant street… romantic. 

Don’t: If you want to win someone over now, you’re a little late. If you try to get something going that essentially has a shelf life, it’s asking a bit much. Where some relationships are built up and an impending summer break or move that won’t effect stronger couples, a fledgling relationship can be shredded by the distance and get pretty messy, wasting everyone’s time.

Do: However, the worst thing you can say is no. In a few months you shouldn’t look back at your college experience and say, “I wish I did _____” Take every opportunity with your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and people that you just kind of like a little to live it up. Go hiking on a whim; grab the happy hour slices at Primo at 10 on a Monday, (after spring break, of course.)
The “getting a degree” thing is nice, but this is a time to cherish, and the real world is not like this magical bubble we live in known as college. How fun do the lives of your friends that graduated look on Facebook? I’m guessing not so much, as there’s lots of references to #IMissCollege via Twitter. Like I said, do everything you can to make your time the best it can be.

Don’t: Everyone likes the wet blanket friend that cries about graduation every time she’s got half a bottle of Yellow Tail in her. Just kidding. Don’t go around moping about what’s coming, everyone knows it, you’re not unique, it sucks, and we all have to deal with it. Treat it like it’s a perfect game in baseball; don’t say a word about it while it’s happening or you will jinx it.

Do: Do your work, as much as senioritis can cripple a student, taking a hit to the GPA before putting it on resumes will come back to haunt you. There are better things to regret from your last days in college. 

Don’t: Stop belivin’! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. But really, don’t forget anything you’ve done, for better or worse. It’s what makes you… well, you. Take the rest of your time and cherish it, do not try to be someone else and change who you are just yet, the real world will be doing that soon. Enjoy what you’ve got while you can.

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