Up and Coming Artist To Watch: Jake Miller

“Music without a message is just a sound,”— is what a 21 year-old newly rising rapper/singer/songwriter from Weston, Florida, Jake Miller, swears by. This talented songwriter loves to help people through his music.  He writes stories through his lyrics, speaking to thousands and telling them about his life and experiences.

He often raps about overcoming struggles in many of his songs—like “A Million Lives” - his first big hit! Grab some tissues and really listen to the lyrics down below.

"'A Million Lives' not only changed my life because it launched my career, but it also changed me personally because of how it affected so many people. People would come up to me at meet-and-greets and cry and say I stopped them from hurting themselves or that the song changed them. I like that I can positively affect people. The biggest compliment is when they say that I'm the first rap artist they can listen to in their car with their parents. That means a lot to me. The song and the feedback really shaped who I am as an artist today." - Jake

“I’m Alright” is also another one of Jake’s inspirational hits that tells a great story and helps listeners know that things will be okay. It’s my personal fave! Be sure to check it out below.

Not only are his lyrics so creative and moving—Jake also has an amazing sound and a style all his own. Some have crazy beats like “Collide,” which was his first single off his new album “Us Against Them” that came out November 5, 2013. So, next time you’re getting ready to go out, blast “Collide” to get your party on!

Jake is the definition of “started from the bottom.” It all began in 9th grade for him—when he got his first computer and learned how to use GarageBand on his own, then started writing songs, beats, singing, and rapping.

"I had no idea what I was doing, so I would write stupid songs and not really take it seriously. I did it out of boredom at first, but then people in my school said I was pretty good. So I started making videos for YouTube and the local news picked up on this 'white kid from Weston trying to rap, spitting game like you've never seen before.'"

Soon he started gaining a social media presence with his fans and lots of media attention from a live performance in 2011 opening for Snoop Dogg in Florida, then winning a contest to open for Mac Miller. Jake then started singing in several festivals and fairs around the country. Just this year, he had his first national headlining tour for his new album (sadly, his Boston show date has already passed...)! This boy with a dream was just recently signed to Warner Bros. Records. Congrats, Jake!

Now that you’ve learned so much about this cutie, I know what’s on your mind. “Let me get those digits!” Yet, sadly for us single ladies, Jake has a soft spot for his high school girlfriend, Madison Bertini. This sweetheart has written several songs for her, explaining how they met, how much she means to him, and even how much he misses her when he’s away (how cute is that?!). Listen to “With You” here and see why they might be the cutest couple in the world. How lucky is she to scoop up such a talented, soon-to-be-“going-Hollywood” (as one of Jake’s songs "Hollywood" says) guy?

Jake helps thousands of fans with his music, and is sure to be changing millions of lives soon! The "Millertary" - as he likes to call his fans (very clever!) - is growing everyday. He is rising to fame and, as cliché as it as, is definitely “the next big thing.” MTV even says he’s “about to blow up!” and has taken a lot of interest in Mr. Miller lately (which is a great sign!).

Personally, Jake’s music has helped me so much and I’m so excited to see him live his dreams, because he deserves it. His music is constantly on repeat for me. Click here to check out the Instagram post that really made me love Jake, and you just might become a fan too. He’s definitely an artist to watch! 

Make sure to add him on his social media sites; he might just follow you back (like he did to me!). Also check out some more songs below, too.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakemiller

Instagram: http://instagram.com/jakemillermusic

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Millertime2892

Vine: https://vine.co/u/935954129845628928