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All You Need to Know Before Starting Season 5 of Jane the Virgin


Calling all telenovela fans! If you’re looking for another dramatic, romantic, yet crime filled show to binge watch on Netflix, you can stop your search here. Jane the Virgin is the adaptation of a Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen. The show made its debut on Oct. 13, 2014 on The CW Network and has been captivating the hearts of its viewers since. The CW announced the fifth and final season of Jane the Virgin, which has left its dedicated viewers devastated. 

But no need to worry! You can catch up on Seasons 1-4 on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or The CW app before beginning Season 5. That being said, let’s dive in! 

So here is who and what you need to know: 

Jane: Our main character, who is a religious young 23-year-old and is artificially inseminated by mistake after a mishap at her gynecologist office. After much thought, she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy – Mateo, who is quite the troublemaker. She starts off the show with goals of becoming a teacher but later changes up her plans and works on becoming a published author. Her love interest shifts between Michael and Rafael for a few seasons before ultimately going back to Michael in Season 3, where the two “tie the knot” at their dream wedding. This seemed too good to be true, and sadly, it was. After the surprising death of her husband, Jane finds solace in writing which results in the publication of her first book, Snow Falling. After some ups and downs in the dating department, Jane falls back in love with Rafael, who she believes is going to propose until a surprising twist comes into play.   

Petra: She starts off the show as Rafael’s cheating wife and soon turns into his ex-wife after the news of her affair as well as plans to steal Rafael’s family wealth breaks. The insemination was originally meant for her, which results in some tension between Petra and Jane. After a divorce from Rafael and finding a new sample of Rafael’s sperm, Petra ends up inseminating herself and giving birth to two twin girls – Anna and Ellie (originally Elsa but the Frozen references were too much for her). Living in fear of her past life in the Czech Republic, Petra’s crime record is far from small. In Season 4, she later falls in love with her attorney, J.R., who is helping her in yet another murder accusation.  

Rafael: The ex-playboy, turned charming and wealthy owner of the Marbella hotel. He is the father to Mateo, Anna, and Ellie. As a result of his cancer, Rafael, better known as Raf to his loved ones, freezes his sperm samples as a way to maintain his possibilities of having a child (which answers the questions as to why there is so much artificial insemination going on). Rafael, who falls in love with Jane in Season 1 and then again in Season 4, briefly took a trip to jail in Season 3 as a way to start fresh, as a way for  the crime that has been following him all his life to finally be free of his worries. 

Michael: Michael is the heroic detective that starts our show off as Jane’s loving boyfriend. However, the two take a split after Jane admits she has feelings for Rafael, the father of her child. Michael throws himself into his work, covering a high-profile case on the crime lord, Sin Rostro. After Jane and Rafael split up, Jane and Michael fall back into love and are ready to start their lives when Michael is shot on their first night as married couple, leaving Jane to be a virgin wife and mother. To everyone’s shock, Michael survives the gunshot wound but later dies in an apparent aortic dissection, which came as a result of the gunshot wounds. At the end of Season 4, just when Rafael is about to propose to Jane, we find out that Michael is not really dead. Talk about a plot twist! 

Rogelio: Rogelio is a famous telenovela star and Jane’s biological father. He falls in love with his first love and the mother of his child, Xiomara and after 3 full Seasons, the two finally get married in the Season 3 finale. Although, while being estranged from Xo, Rogelio, who desperately wanted another child, has one with Darci Factor, a television personality and love guru. 

Xiomara: Otherwise known as Xo, Jane’s mother, had her when she was 16-years-old. She is an aspiring singer, making a living as a dance teacher. Season 4 brings some heartbreaking news, as our beloved Xo is diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Alba: She is Jane’s religious grandmother, who is behind Jane’s decision to save her virginity until marriage. Her wisdom has guided Jane throughout her entire life. She runs into trouble with immigration in Season 2, before receiving her green card and then her citizenship later on. She falls in love with her boss, Jorge, with whom she denies a proposal from on multiple occasions. To everyone’s surprise, she decides to marry Jorge at the end of Season 4, only to help him travel back to Mexico to meet his dying mother, since he is undocumented and cannot leave the country on his own.

Luisa: She is the gynecologist who accidently inseminated Jane. She is also a recovering alcoholic, Rafael’s sister, and even falls in love with her step-mother, Rose. 

Rose / Sin Rostro: She is a criminal mastermind and former lawyer, behind all of the murders at the Marbella Hotel. She starts off married to Luisa and Rafael’s father before killing him. She mysteriously disappears, until it is later revealed that she is undercover as Susanna Barnett, Michael’s partner at the police station involved in covering the Sin Rostro case. She falls in love with Luisa, and decides to wear a mask and change her voice in order to be in Luisa’s. 

Magda: She is Petra’s mother. She pretends to be paraplegic and spends most of Season 1 helping Petra conspire against Rafael to steal his fortune away. She is later imprisoned for one of the countless crimes she has committed, but later is let out and is on the loose. 

Aneska: She’s Petra’s twin sister from the Czech Republic. She tries to assume Petra’s identity after paralyzing her and taking her place, but later is murdered by her twin, Petra. 

Crazy, right? Well you are now officially caught up on Jane the Virgin. You can watch Season 5 live on The CW, Wednesday nights at 9 pm EST. 

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