Affordable Decor to Brighten Up Your Room This Spring

Looking to brighten up your room after this long winter? Here are some of my favorite latest room decor for this year’s spring at a reasonable price.

Home & Bedroom

  • Cute rugs to spice up a room: add these to any room and it'll instantly brighten up the mood from the moment you step in.

  • This intricate incense holder that'll make your guests think you paid way more than you actually did: these will not only be fun to watch, but it'll make your room smell and feel better as well.

  • This adorable set of six ceramic succulent holders: keep you and your plants happy!
  • A cactus book and magazine holder for all your daily reads: arrange all your books, journals, and magazines in style.
  • This neon cloud to hang on your wall and attract attention at any time of day: along with the LED lights trend, this neon light will look awesome during the day and even better at night.

neon sign in greenery Photo by Max Van Den Oetelaar from Unsplash


  • A set of four underwater coasters to use for just yourself or when you have guests over: protect your tables with these funky coaster sets and they also have a bunch more designs!
  • This set of floral pot holders to add an accessory to any kitchen: these are cute to use and even better to hang up on the wall of your kitchen for some more style.

Plants in a house Photo by Huy Phan from Unsplash


  • Add this bunch of eucalyptus to your shower to clear your sinuses and stress relief: the benefits of this will keep you relaxed while also adding a lively decoration for your everyday life.
  • This tropical shower curtain follows the spring and succulent theme: this will look amazing with the eucalyptus to bring life into your bathroom.
  • An adorable soap dish to put on the sink or even in the bathtub: not only will this save you from buying more soap bottles, but it's better for the environment as well!
  • A fancy ring dish to put your jewelry on at the end of a long day: place any rings, necklaces, and even hair ties here before showers or before you start your day and you'll never forget to put them on again.

This spring, make your home feel like yours. It's a new season and you deserve the decor to brighten up your day!