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Add These Podcasts To Your ‘Must-Listen’ List ASAP

Podcasts have been changing the game for a while now. From long car rides to uneventful shifts at a desk job, following along to a podcast can bring some excitement to the duller hours of your days — and it’s perfect for multitasking!

Here are some old classics and newly created podcasts you need to add to your ‘must-listen’ list:

1. Serial

While this is an older podcast, dating back to the Jurassic age of 2014, it has been a fan-favorite for true crime lovers since its debut. From the creators of This American Life, another great podcast that has stood the test of time, host Sarah Koenig leads listeners through tellings of true stories that keep them on the edge of their seats. Season one investigates the case of Baltimore high school senior Hai Min Lee’s 1999 murder. The twists and turns of the case make it a compelling story – one that is still continuing to develop in 2018.

2. The Daily

From the New York Times, The Daily was launched in February of 2018. From Monday to Friday, listen on to host Michael Barbaro detail some of the most significant news stories of the given day. Guest reporters who have been covering the stories come on to give additional coverage. It’s like reading a long-form investigative piece, without having to actually do the reading part. After tackling one story in the bulk of each day’s episode, Barbado goes over a quick breakdown of other big news stories at the end. In 20 minutes, let The Daily entice you and educate you with the day’s top headlines.

3. Double X Gabfest

Join hosts Hanna Rosin, June Thomas, and Noreen Malone from Slate magazine’s women section DoubleX. The Double Gabfest is a roundtable discussion on issues revolving around women from politics, pop culture, and things that affect women on the regular. They discussed their feelings on the Aziz Ansari story, sexual assault in gymnastics, and flexible work schedules. They focus on one main issue for the majority of the show and discuss one or two other matters for a brief period at the end. The hosts’ wit, intelligence, and deep discussion make the podcasts a great listen.

4. S-Town

A newer podcast from the producers of This American Life and Serial, S-Town follows the life of John B. McLemore in Woodstock “Shittown” Alabama, as he likes to call it. McLemore emailed This American Life producer Brian Reed about a murder in Shittown, prompting Reed to come down to Shittown and investigate. What once was a reporter looking into a crime story on murder in a small town became a following of McLemore’s absorbing life and everyone around him. Broken into seven chapters, you’re going to be listening to them all back-to-back.

5. Sincerely, X

On its website, Sincerely, X is introduced by saying “some stories are too sensitive, painful or potentially damaging to share publicly — unless they can be shared anonymously.” Presented by TED and Audible, the idea of the podcast is to be able to give a platform to people who would have brilliant TED talks, but desire to keep their identities hidden for various reasons. Some from season one include a doctor detailing her experience with professional burnout to a mid-western wife sharing a secret ritual that saved her during enduring years of spousal abuse. This podcast is especially important because it provides a lot of valuable insight on topics that are often too taboo for people to come out with firsthand experiences about. The raw emotion hearing the stories of the subjects of Sincerely, X will leave you not regretting listening.

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