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To my 32oz Cobalt Wide-Mouth Hydroflask Waterbottle and Straw Lid,

I’ll be the first to admit that our relationship may be unconventional. From the time that we met in April of 2018, you have been by my side for nearly everything. Through the highs and lows of adolescence, you’ve been a constant in my ever-changing life

You got me through eighth-grade gym class and the ignominy of the FitnessGram Pacer Test. You accompanied me on my first day of freshman year as I carried you from class to class, the ice rattling as you swung. We faced COVID together, long days at home, and online classes. You stuck with me through treacherous AP and SAT study sessions, although you waited in the hallway when testing days finally came. 

I hope you can forgive me for the times I have betrayed you, leaving you behind in the car while I skied or hiked, taking my CamelBak instead. But, I have always come back, happier than ever to see you. You’ve made it through TSA airport security more times than I can count – always empty of course. We’ve traveled together across the country, from Colorado to Oregon. Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Illinois, and of course Massachusetts for school. 

You were with me as I moved into my first college dorm and faced the daunting challenge of Club Swim tryouts. Accompanying me to meets across New England, and long study sessions in the W.E.B Dubois Library, you’ve never let me down

As I have changed, you’ve changed too. The dents that shape you and your potentially moldy lid are not flaws, but charming characteristics that make you you. You’re dressed in stickers old and new from our plethora of adventures together that I hope to never forget. And even if my friends don’t always believe me, I swear water always tastes better from you (it might be the mold). 

Through it all, you have been there, but someday, I know that it will be time for us to part. I would never abandon you for a trendy Stanley with its obtrusive handle or an Owola with its obnoxious lid. However, our time together will eventually end. After five wonderful years together, I’ve noticed you’re tired. Your dents are starting to keep you from standing upright and your insulation isn’t great. Someday, I will utilize Hydroflask’s trade-in program and recycle you the proper way. 

Just know, I could never replace you or forget you.

Until then, I look forward to our many shared adventures to come. Long days in class, flights to and from Colorado, and studying abroad. And if you aren’t right there with me, I’ll owe it all to you when the time finally comes for me to wear that cap and gown, a college graduate ready to face the world. 

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Sophie Straayer

U Mass Amherst '26

Sophie is a sophomore honors student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying journalism, public relations, and communication. She calls Colorado home and enjoys skiing, trying new foods, and going to concerts! She is also involved in the school's club swim team and is looking forward to her college journey.