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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Dear Frank,…

No…too cold, Frank deserves something more personal, more affectionate.

To my ever-loving Frank, 

Where to even begin? Should I start with the food, the feel, the space, the building that encompasses you? There’s too much good to cover it all. Some may read this and find me insane. How could Frank ever compare to the others? It’s not as new as Worcester or as fancy as Hamp, but Frank surpasses them all. 

Over the years you’ve offered me such great support. The ambiance and food create an environment that makes me feel immediately at home. I always find myself looking forward to the times I get to spend with you. Lunches and dinners are not the same when I have to eat them without you. 

From the moment I walk in, to the moment I leave, I’m never disappointed. If I’m ever stressed about classes or exams you’re the one place I know of where I can find pure peace and calm. The environment is never too overwhelming and the chatter around the room is always kept at a low hum, making everything else appear soft and quiet. You know how to create an atmosphere worth staying longer for. 

The practicality of your layout makes finding everything I need so much easier. Those who don’t know you may have trouble finding their place but the familiarity around your endless loop creates a dance every time I walk along the aisles. From the vegan section to the table and everything in between, you always have everything I need. 

Sure, your smells are odd, and you’re slowly breaking down, brick by brick, but no one’s perfect. Sometimes the more flaws someone has can make them just a bit more human. However, despite all these imperfections seen by the rest, to me, you are just as brand new and dazzling as the day you were built decades ago. 

You provide. You’re a giver. You’re this campus’s Giving Tree. From 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., you’re open and ready with anything any student may need. A nice warm cup of coffee, some delicious morning pastries, or the classic comfort food of grilled cheese and french fries, you have it all. And you can never forget about the array of ice cream flavors you always have to offer. Some may argue you don’t offer enough. Your basic bland food doesn’t deserve the hype I’ve given it. Between you and I…they couldn’t be more wrong. 

You’re never too packed, you’ve got endless amounts of silverware and plates, your tables are never overcrowded, and the lines are never too long. You’re the sweet spot of my day and always know just what I need to turn a rough morning into a great afternoon. You’re my love, Frank. Many won’t understand the greatness that you embody, and I pity them. But everything about you never fails to amaze me. I hope to continue this for many years to come. I dread the day where we will have to part ways and I dread even more the day where you will cease to exist, where you’ll be a blip in the UMass past, but I’m happy I got to know you now for all the glory you hold within. 

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Abigail Hartman

U Mass Amherst '23

Abby's a Senior with a psychology major and a Spanish and PoliSci minor, and she loves anything true crime related!