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A Busy Girl’s Guide to Relaxing: Spring Break Edition

I’m the first person to say relaxing is hard. Harder than it should be. Kind of ironic, right? With social pressures engrained in everything we do, including relaxing, it feels like there is always an expectation of what you should be doing. For me, I like to spend Spring Break kicked back, not thinking about school or career. 

To prep for a relaxing break, I did a few things:

1. I did all my homework ahead of time. Well, as much as I could. Setting myself up to not worry about what needs to get done over break is a huge priority, even if it means I’m a little extra stressed in the days prior.

2. Clean! Including your sheets. Especially if you’re leaving the area for break, coming home to a clean space makes all the difference in the smoothness of your transition out of spring break. 

Now onto the good stuff. I always find it incredibly hard to just do nothing. It’s important to create some structure, but not too much, and schedule things to look forward to, especially if you aren’t traveling. (Spoiler alert: You don’t need to travel for Spring Break). Feeling good is difficult when you’re out of your usual routine so it’s important to take care of your physical body so you can feel your best. Eating regular meals and moving your body are my favorite ways of doing this, though this may be different for you (reminder that movement can be gentle yoga or a quick walk around the block). 

It can be helpful to brainstorm somewhat of a “Spring Break bucket list,” where you come up with things you want to do while you’re off from school. This can be anywhere from “go to a concert” to “do my laundry.” Remember, little things are just as valid and important. Haven’t had a chance to check out that new coffee shop downtown? Add it to the list. Want to finish that book you’ve been reading for forever? List. Pro tip: If you want to see folks from home while you’re in town, reach out early. They likely have limited availability, or it’ll take you days to make a definite plan. If you start talking early, the chances of finding time to spend together are a lot better! Having a list ahead of time makes it a lot easier to organize your priorities and find something to do when you have nothing to do. 

When I’m home, I like to prioritize doing things I can’t do at school. This includes visiting with my family, my boyfriend, my friends at home, my dogs, etc. but it also means if I go out to eat going to local restaurants that don’t have chains in Amherst! We all know the Vietnamese place around the corner from home hits different compared to anything at school. 

Last but not least, I encourage you to remember that Spring Break can be anything you want it to be!! Your break will look a lot different than mine, and vice versa, and that’s OK. There is no right or wrong way to relax, and we all have different hobbies, priorities, and enjoyments. Our bodies and minds need different things. The goal is to come back to school rested and ready to conquer the remainder of the semester. I know we’ve got this. 


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Abigail Grimm

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Abby, Events Director of HC UMass Amherst, is a current sophomore honors student studying Public Health with a focus on Environmental Epidemiology. Besides HerCampus, she spends time exercising, outside on her bike or with her dogs (especially in her home state, Vermont), playing music, and drinking absurd amounts of coffee. Find her on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/abby_324/
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