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9 Reasons Why Eric Decker is the Perfect Hubby

Eric Decker, wide receiver for the New York Jets, is one perfect man. Unfortunately, ladies he is taken, married to the beautiful Jessie James Decker. But a girl can still dream, right?

Here is 10 reason why Eric Decker is the perfect hubby.

1. Even though looks aren’t everything…they can’t hurt

Decker definitely has the looks…

2. He is a sweet & caring father

He and Jessie are parents to daughter Vivianne Rose Decker, and newborn son, Eric James Decker II. Nothing turns on a girl more than when a guy is good with kids, am I right?

Dare I say DILF?

3. He cooks. 

I believe the saying is, the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.


4. He buys the sweetest gifts for his lovely lady.




5. He definitely has a silly side.




6. He’s an animal-lover. 

#1 Rule: must love dogs.



7. He surprises his girl.




8. He plans sweet dates.

There’s nothing better than a candlelight dinner.




9. He writes sweet love notes.

Um, how adorable is that?



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