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9 Most Popular & Trendy Hair Styles for Collegiettes

With the cold weather settling in, things tend to get a little…dull. Don’t let your hair fall victim to winter’s hibernating effect! Kick off the new year with an original hair style that will give your Facebook friends something to talk about.

1. The Ombré:

No matter the length of your hair, ombré is a great touch to add to any dirty blonde or brunette!

2. Straight Across Bangs:

Straight across bangs are extremely chic right now. This bold look compliments the face and can make your eyes pop.

3. The Middle Part:

We love the middle part because it is an incredible way to make a non-permanent change to your hair-do! It can be hard to pull off, but experiment with different hair styles (straight or curly?) to see what works for you.

4. The Sock Bun: 

The sock bun is a classy and quick way fix to any type of hair mishap that we all run into at some point. All you have to do is tuck your hair into a sock with the toes cut off, work your magic, and in seconds all of your hair imperfections are invisible from the sock bun.

5. Long Curls:

For the many of you Collegiettes™ with long hair, a perfect way to enhance the locks that you’ve got is to style some voluptuous curls. These curls are not tight, but loose and free-flowing to show off your brag-worthy hair length!

6. Colored Extensions:

Adding colored extensions to your hair is a bold and show-stopping move that will definitely make you stand out. This colorful twist is a unique and fun way to change up your day-to-day hair.

7. The Classic Straight:

The classic straight-style might take the cake for most popular hairstyles. It’s sure to look good, it’s classy, and it’s timeless!

8. Beach Waves: 

Beach waves are perfect for those with naturally wavy hair, because it involves little effort. Grab a curler, touch up here and there, but mostly let your natural hair radiate its own beauty!

9. The Shoulder Straight Across: 

The shoulder straight across hair style is perfect for anyone who has a dull, awkward-length haircut who could easily spice it up by cutting off an inch or two.

Try one of these many cuts or styles to shake things up – there’s no better time than the present to go bold, ladies! (Also, if you really hate it, there’s a whole month of winter break to hide, right?)

Just keep smiling! I love hanging out with my friends, movies, and staying fit. I love Umass Amherst and hope to bring a little insight and flare into your life with some advice, tips, and tricks I have up my sleeve.