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8 Things We All Have Done While Online Shopping

I think many of us are guilty of spending too much time looking for new summer clothes when we should really be studying for finals. I mean, maybe I would be more interested in my macroeconomics textbook if it was as thrilling and pretty as the Victoria Secret swimsuit catalog. All in all I think we have all found ourselves experiencing these things while searching for that perfect summer look:

1. First things first, change it to low to high prices.

Sure, we all love to browse the most expensive items, but then we remember we’re broke college students who couldn’t afford our coffee this morning at the Procrastination Station.

2. Falling in love with a piece and being determined to buy it even though you have nowhere to wear it.

I mean, who said you can’t wear a full-length gown to the bar?

3. Forcing you friends or roommates to buy things with you because you’ll qualify for free shipping.

Come on Cecilia, you were just saying how you needed more clothes and if we spend $19 more dollars we can get free shipping!

4. *Asks friend what they think about something* Wait, don’t you already have five of those? 

Well maybe?! Maybe I need a sixth!

5. You know, this wouldn’t look good on me now but I’ll start doing some more abs at the gym and it will look fine…

If it doesn’t look good on you now, don’t buy it. Plain and simple.

6. Wait, does it come in black?

7. I just had two exams and a paper, I totally deserve this splurge. Treat yo self, right?

Treating yourself is fine a few times each semester, just make sure it doesn’t become a weekly habit.

8. Tracking your package every day after your purchase.

Just because it was in Michigan this morning doesn’t mean it can’t be here yet. Right?


Happy shopping and good luck surviving finals week, Collegiettes!


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