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8 Ridiculous Things UMass Students Are Seen Doing In Class

We all have, or at least had at some point, that one class in which there are over 150 students against 1 poor professor. Obviously, it is too easy to have our attention flutter elsewhere with all of the gadgets and gizmos of today, leaving hundreds of screens dotted around the lecture hall for our eyes to peek at.

Most of us should probably be taking notes, and well, you know, actually learning. But truthfully, we tend to text, and surf through the feeds of our Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest more often than not. And, if we aren’t doing any of those things, well, we maybe definitely are online shopping.

Here’s a look at 10 Collegiettes’ real accounts of ridiculous things they’ve spotted UMass students doing in class:

1. We Booze?

“In music appreciation last semester, we were listening to the teacher lecture (he was super monotonous). About an hour in, a kid in the front row tried to take a book out of his bag, and a glass beer bottle fell out and rolled a few feet down so that the professor saw it and started laughing. Soon enough the whole class started dying of laughter.”

Mackenzie M., Freshman

Party Foul #1

2. We Play Basketball…

“Lecture was about to start in about two minutes, and there was a girl sitting with this guy about four rows back from the front with people seated in front of her. All the sudden, I saw her throw something, (I thought she was throwing something at or to the professor) and it was her apple, which landed into the basket with a huge thud. Next thing you know, she screams ‘OH YEAH!’ but then immediately folded in her seat covering her face, realizing she just screamed in a lecture hall of 100-something people who were just not having it… the professor gave her a hilarious look too.”

Megan S., Sophomore

And One.

3. We Get Frisky…

“Everyday in one of my 9:30 classes, the couple in front of me, without fail, makes out before class starts… they sit in the front row. And I’m just there freshly rolled out of bed like…”

Marissa M., Freshman

No Pls.

4. We Feast.

“I watched a guy pull out a Ziploc with 3 hot dogs in it, no buns, during class, as he proceeded to eat all of them. In his defense it was lunch time.”

Rachel K., Sophomore

Hold The Buns.

5. We Watch Erotica?

“I was sitting in the back of Mahar one class, and I noticed something on the screen of this boy a few boys up from me, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He was casually watching, erm… ‘erotic videos’ on mute, in the middle of class! I was so shocked, I didn’t even know how to react, and everyone around recognized what was going on too, but no one knew how to react!”

Emma H., Sophomore


6. We Get Sleepy.

“Nothing is better than the kids that are blatantly sleeping in class. This kid behind me once was passed out in one of our Tuesday/ Thursday classes, with his mouth wide open; he even started snoring a bit. It took everything in my power not to make it my Snapchat story…”

Jane S., Freshman

Sorry, not currently functioning.

7. We Fall Sometimes

This one is actually a personal story… It was exam day in my large lecture that took place in Mahar, and the girl next to me had finished the test just about the same time as I had. We were stranded in the middle of the row, with people on both sides of us still working. I realized that there was room to climb behind my chair to get to the free space in the aisle behind us, so I positioned myself to do so. I swung one leg over, and then realized that the rest of my body was not going to follow. I had two options, one was to either flail my second leg, kicking my neighbor in the face, or to nose dive over the row into the free space. Let’s just say I ended up on my butt with about fifty kids staring at me… I basically ran to turn in my test and got the heck out of there!

Patty C., Freshman

Uh Oh.

8. We Strip Down To Our Speedos…

“It was during one of my bio tests and they handed out the materials and everything and then these two boys started panicking and saying ‘Laura (professor) you’re so nice… we can’t do this’ or something, and started stripping down to their boxers and ran out of the classroom. It was pretty strange, yet hilarious, and I think it was a prank. They got it on video though…”

Kristin G., Freshman

The next time you are in class, remember, silly things are happening all around! Never forget to laugh each day, Collegiettes, and don’t forget to laugh at yourself once in a while too!
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