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8 of the Funniest Tweets From the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

I spent my days from Feb. 4 to Feb. 20 orienting myself around literally any TV in the dining hall that was broadcasting the Winter Olympics. Then I’d spend my nights curled up on my living room couch with my laptop open, convincing myself that I was doing homework even when I was very much still watching the games. In my state of procrastination, I’d hop on Twitter and see what the world had to say.

For a minute, let’s set aside the fact that the athletes who just competed are quite literally the best in the world. Yes, they’re talented. Undoubtedly. But as a washed up high school athlete (who probably peaked on my sixth grade basketball team), I do find joy in cracking some jokes while watching their performances. And I know I’m not the only one because it was incredibly easy for me to find a wide variety of tweets that showed others doing the exact same thing.

With that, I bring you eight of the funniest tweets from the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Nathan chen’s fit

How are you going to be dripped out in gold and still look like a backpack worn by a middle school student with a tail? (Nathan: if you’re seeing this, I think you look stunning.)

And I am simply going to leave this here.

Canada’s all red everything

Taylor Swift owns the color red, but that’s nothing new. 

i live for figure skating song selections

Why do I feel like I would weigh a figure skater’s score primarily on their song if I were a judge? (Kevin Aymoz and “Outro” by M83 deserved more!) Also, why do I think that I would ever be in the position to be a figure skating judge?

Leslie Jones’ video commentary = a gift

Leslie did the absolute most. I’m not sure what good karma I put into the universe to deserve this blessing, but I’m thankful nonetheless The tweet below was one of many that she posted commentating the Games. There are so many more. Please do yourself a favor and check them out. Binge them. Tell all of your friends. Tell your enemies. You will not regret it. 

the dystopian backdrop that is Big Air Shougang stadium

Upon further research, I learned that the stadium was actually built on the site of a steel mill. Which somehow does not make me feel any better.

needing tea

No, because I am a nosy gal and I have to know. 

it’s shaun’s world and we’re just living in it

Don’t text, I’m pouring out a Mountain Dew for his retirement tonight. 

And that’s a wrap on Beijing! This leaves me with no choice but to (still) scavenge through Twitter, though this time to tune into a different beat. Euphoria, anyone?

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