8 Creative Things To Do at Home for Spring Break

Spring break starts today! Although some people are packing their bags for a warm trip to a beach down south, the rest of us are packing our bags to be a couch potato at home all week. But have no fear! Aside from catching up on all the much-needed sleep, here are eight fun things to do to keep yourself occupied for a spring break at home.

1. Knit

We’ve still got some winter left to go and it’s not too late to make yourself a cute hat, scarf, or headband! For those who don’t know how to knit, these knitting looms are easy to use and the projects are quick to make. Just head to Michael's or JoAnn's Fabrics, pick one up along with some cozy, colorful yarn and get started!

2. Spa Day

You’ve been working hard. You’ve made it halfway through the semester. Treat yourself. Prepare a nice bubble bath and maybe light some candles or play some mellow music. Give yourself a free mani and pedi. Maybe even use an exfoliating face mask, easily found at Target or Bath and Body Works. Whatever you need to do to get the relaxation time you deserve.

3. Build a Sheet Fort

We all know these were the greatest things to play in as kids. Now they can be a safe haven for nap time. Call up a friend or drag a sibling to assist you in retreating back to your childhood and making your own sheet fort! You can cover the floor with pillows and bring books and magazines or set your laptop and get lost in a lazy afternoon.

4. Start a New Netflix Series

Now that you have time to actually watch TV (at least not watching as a procrastination tool) maybe check out a new series! Check out hits like Orange is the New Black or Scandal. Re-watch an oldie like Breaking Bad or catch up on How I Met Your Mother before the series finale this spring!

5. Bake

Check out all those recipes you pinned on your Pinterest food board from forever ago and actually try them. Cookies, cupcakes, brownies. But don’t forget to set aside some of the batter to munch on while they bake!

6. Color

Go to Target or the Dollar Store and buy yourself a massive coloring book and some markers or crayons. Make it a goal to finish as much as you can by the end of the week. Coloring is a great way to unwind and nobody is going to judge you for not coloring between the lines.

7. Online Shopping

Might as well get a jump start on all the spring and summer trends that are almost here! Check out any winter sales stores may be having or start buying some pieces for your warm weather wardrobe.

8. Make your own Wall Décor 

Try photo collaging or decorating a new piece of art for your wall at UMass. You could make a clothesline of inspirational quotes to motivate you through the rest of the semester. Or try something like the piece shown below found on Pinterest. Simply make a magazine collage, place a stencil on top and paint over it, and you have become an artist!

Have a wonderful Spring Break, Collegiettes!