7 Ways to Exercise During a Busy Semester

Staying active during a semester can be really hard for most college students. So, if you struggle to try and fit in a workout here and there, check out these 7 ways to get a quick workout in during your busy schedule!

1. Ride your bike to classes 

This is a super fun and creative way to exercise. With UMass having such a huge campus, riding a bike gets you to your classes quicker while also giving you a great cardio and leg workout! Just make sure to invest in a bike lock and helmet too.

2. Walk instead of the bus

Although this may seem like more of a hassle, it’s an easy way to stay active during the day and in between classes. You can also discover some new music or podcasts to listen to while walking! The PVTA busses are normally super crowded so walking is a great way to get some fresh air avoid being squished on the bus. 

3. Join a workout class

 UMass Amherst offers a variety of classes at the Rec Center such as yoga, spin, zumba, and so many others that are only about an hour long. Try and catch one during the day or before you go home! These classes are led by trained instructors that are always friendly and encouraging so it's like working out with a friend! 

4. Go on a 15 minute run

You might think running isn’t your thing, but if you set a schedule like running right when you get home three times a week, it’ll get easier and become a routine. Running on campus is great but there are also tons of quiet roads with gorgeous scenery right around our school so grab your workout sneakers and check them out! 

5. Get a buddy to the gym

If exercising bores you, try and grab a buddy or group to hit the gym together. This way, you’re socializing while staying fit. You can also grab smoothies or snacks at the Rec Center on your way out and make some new friends.

6. Join an intramural sports team

Did you play a sport in high school? If you did, you should consider joining one of the many intramural teams UMass has. Usually intramural sports are not as competitive nor time consuming and they're an awesome way to make friends.

7. Go Hiking

Get a group of friends and trade the Netflix and couch for the trails and mountains. Look up some easy to moderate trails that you and a group can do together, grab your speaker, and put on your best sneakers. Our school is located in western Mass which is the home to a huge number of mountains with varying degrees of hiking difficulty. Work your way up to the top and enjoy the view!Working out while in college is definitely a commitment but it'll be worth it in the end! Your body and mind will thank you because staying active is one of the best ways to combat stress while also staying in great shape. 

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