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7 Times Grey’s Anatomy Broke Us

Grey’s Anatomy is currently in its 12th season, but the show still somehow keeps viewers at the edge of their seats. Grey’s makes people laugh, love characters, hate characters, and cry uncontrollably. Shonda Rhimes, the writer, finds a way to tug at our heartstrings in almost every episode. It’s what she does best. Here are 7 times when Grey’s just totally broke us

1. George O’Malley’s life comes to a fatal end when he is hit by a bus 

An unknown patient who has been hit by a bus comes into Seattle Grace Hospital. No one knows who patient “John Doe” is until he writes “007” (George’s nickname) onto Meredith’s hand. In that moment, viewers come to the realization they are losing one of the most heart-warming characters on the show. 

2. The Seattle Grace-Mercy West hospital shooting

Every second of this episode completely broke loyal Grey’s fans. Not only are beloved characters Darek Shepard and Alex Karev shot in this episode (thank God they survive), but the moment when the shooter walks in on Darek Shepard being operated on and tells Christina Yang to stop “fixing” him or he will kill them both is heart-wrenching. And then Meredith walks in and tells him to shoot her instead…


3. Lexie Grey dies in the plane crash.

Lexie dies under the rubble of the plane crash as Mark professes his love for her. They were meant to be together and when Mark finally realizes it, it’s too late. In addition, Meredith loses the one family member she finally got close with.

4. Oh yeah, and then Mark Slaon is taken off life support in the next episode.  

Shonda teases us when Mark has one good day and you’re fooled into thinking everything will be fine and somebody will finally live happily ever after. But then, in the next moment, Darek and Callie are taking him off life support and you scream, “Don’t take McSteamy from me too!”

5. Christina Yang leaves Grey-Sloan Memorial hospital.

Even though this is a happy moment for Christina, I couldn’t help but cry as she and Meredith have their final dance together. Christina tells Meredith that she is the sun, and a beautiful montage plays of all of the best and worst Christina Yang moments. You can’t help but reach for the tissues.

6. April and Jackson hold their newborn baby boy as he dies in their arms. 

It’s tragic when we watched a random parent lose their baby on the show, but this was personal. We felt the pain of Jackson and April as they were losing their child, and as we saw the sadness in Jackson’s beautiful deep green eyes we knew the happy April would never be the same. 

7. Meredith pulls the plug on the love of her life *hysterical sobbing*


Darek tragically got hit by a truck while saving other victims of a car crash…Really Shonda? A truck? Not only did Meredith pull the plug on the love of her life, but also everyone else’s love — McDreamy. 


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