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7 Signs You’re an English Major

As English majors, our writing is a reflection of us. We write in a way that is similar to how we tell stories to our friends, with the same enthusiasm and humor, except, on paper after thoughtful revisions. Great storytellers are often talented writers because it's easier for us to articulate our points after processing our thoughts. From emailing professors for help to creating handwritten cards for our friends, writing is our favorite form of expression.

Here are a few signs that my fellow English majors know to be true:

1. You enjoy reading. 

You remember the author that helped you develop a love for reading, and you look to cherished writers for inspiration.

2. You wake up at odd hours of the night just to jot down ideas before they slip away.

In fact, it's common for authors to get their best ideas from dreams so it may be beneficial to write notes on them while you still remember.

3. You stay up late typing the perfect ending to your ten-page essay.

You want to be thorough when it comes to your writing, so essays usually come before meals or sleep. That often means needing the help of caffeine to keep you awake. 

4. You love words so immensely that you've downloaded word-related apps.

These include Words With Friends, Daily Inspiration & Quotes, or my favorite, Dictionary. com’s Word of the Day App. You also have a dictionary nearby, or one bookmarked on your computer for when you're reading or completing writing assignments.

5. Your best form of communication is writing, and you practice it daily.

You might have several journals. It's your outlet when you need to blow off some steam and is, of course, good practice for your major. 

6. You enjoy watching or creating other forms of art besides writing.

Dancing, singing, drawing...You may not excel in all of your creative interests, but that doesn’t stop you when you’re having fun.  

7. You chose your major not for the money, but out of a passion for sharing stories with others.

As one of my professors said, "English majors want to spread their art, and don’t have a desire for wealth," but we genuinely believe that we have some talent in our field of study, otherwise we wouldn't have chosen a major that is highly competitive.

We know what drives us, and we're happiest when doing what we love.


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Erica Setow

U Mass Amherst

Erica is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  She has a love for meeting new people, trying mini desserts, and engaging in creative projects.  As a former English major, she is constantly trying to make people laugh with her stories, and she has plenty of them to share.  
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