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7 Podcasts to Listen to if you’re into True Crime

Are you bored of listening to the same music everyday while commute/ walk to your classes? Do you love true crime like I do? If yes, then this is a sign to listen to some of the best podcasts on true crime out there. Each of them has a unique take on the genre and I promise you, you’ll be thrilled, covered in goosebumps and in complete shock after you listen to them. 


1. Crimes of the centauries– This was the first podcast I ever listened to and it’s the reason I’m so hooked to Murder mysteries and true crime. And let me tell you, if you start with one episode, you my friend are going to binge! No doubt. What I love the most about this podcast is it covers a lot of cases from the 20th century, it’s like going back in time and imagining what the crime could’ve looked like without the technology we have today.


2. The Minds of Madness– True crime almost made me change my major when I wanted to study criminal psychology. Do you want to know why an ordinary person commits an unimaginable crime? This podcast is the best at serving that curiosity.


3. What’s Missing– Are you into conspiracies and love coming up with your own theories? This podcast covers cases on missing people who are yet to be found. Although it’s not as bad as finding out that the victim ends up being dead, the details still give me the creeps. 


4. Wrongful conviction– This is a new take on crime; Wrongful conviction questions why a person would plead guilty for a crime they didn’t even commit? Was it because of injustice from the court room itself? Did their lawyers ask them to? They dive deeper into each case from the suspected criminals’ perspective and find out why and how they landed in prison.


5. Invisible choir– The host of this show goes over cases that aren’t very famous but still deserve to be heard and known. I should warn you that these episodes are very heart wrenching and sad, so keep a box tissues ready. 


6. Blood ties Podcast– Do want to know who the real Buffalo Bill was? Or who the real Peaky Blinders were? The father and daughter duo cover many such infamous cases that are mostly U.K based.


7. F.B.I Retired Case File Reviews – Jerri Williams is a Retired F.B.I Agent who loves talking about what her career was like and about some of the interesting cases she shared with her fellow retired F.B.I agents (who also make guest appearences.)

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