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7 Moments When Jim From The Office Proved He Should Be Your Future Husband

With all of the confusion in the world, there is one thing that I’m sure of: Jim Halpert from The Office should be my husband. This fact is solidified every single time I see that beautiful man. What are some of the Jim moments that could make any frozen heart melt to a puddle of mush?

1. Basically any time he stares in the camera, I MEAN LOOK AT HIM.

2. When he became a father (to a baby that, unfortunately, was not my own).

3. When he confesses his love to Pam (and not me…).

4. When he took Pam to Niagara Falls on their wedding day (and, once again, not me).

5. When he dressed up as Dwight (good looking AND funny…what a guy).

6. When he dressed up as Popeye because Pam wanted him to… *swoon*…

7.  Basically every time he is with Pam because, let’s face it, they’re adorable.

Jim Halpert, you have my heart forever.

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