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7 Instagram Accounts to Follow

There are so many inspirational and entertaining Instagram accounts out there. It can be really difficult to know which ones to follow. Of course, we want our feeds to be full of stuff we like to see, whether that’s pop culture, fashion or lifestyle ideas. To help you narrow your search, here is a list of some of the most entertaining profiles.

1. @kanyedoingthings

The user posts exactly what the title suggests – Kanye doing things. It covers everything from his altercations with paparazzi, photos with wife Kim Kardashian and other rare photos of the rapper. These Kanye pics are sure to make you laugh.

2. @new_fork_city

For all you foodies/New York City fans out there, this Instagram is a definite follow. Created by three NYC girls, the account showcases a variety of meals and sweet treats from around NYC. They even tag where the food is from, so whenever you’re in the City you know where to go! Every post makes my mouth water – check it out!

3. @laurenconrad_com

Love LC from her days on The Hills? Well check her out now. Tips and tricks from the designer and style icon are all a girl needs! This account includes DIY home decor, jewelry, baked goods and fashion…Lauren and her team offer something for everyone. With all she has accomplished, it’s difficult not to look up to this fashion mogul. Seeing her pics on my feed gives me a daily dose of inspiration (the recipes are my favorite)!

4. @letthelordbewithyou

Because why wouldn’t you follow Scott Disick’s Instagram? The Lord’s profile is full of hilarious pictures of himself, partner Kourtney, and the oh-so-entertaining Kardashian family. Best photo: a $200 receipt for an order of chicken fries!

5. @natgeo

National Geographic’s official account posts photos from their recent articles and various travels around the world. From rare animals in their natural habitat to inspiring global communities, these posts are sure to open your eyes.

6. @beyonce

Pictures of her adorable family, sold-out tour, and flashbacks to her Destiny’s Child days are just snippets of the Queen’s profile. She also posts fun style inspiration and videos of her performances. This is a must-follow!

7. @redcarpetman

An L.A. based stylist, “Colin” posts photos of celebrities and their best fashion moments. From street style to red carpet gowns, his pictures showcase the most glamorous looks in Hollywood. This account is sure to inspire your fashion choices!


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