7 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Season Snacks To Try This November

November is one of my favorite months. Why? Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s not the weather, because the cold isn’t my friend. The leaves colored in beautiful shades is great, but that’s not it either. It’s the food! Thanksgiving is this month and it’s one of my favorite holidays. Giving thanks and appreciating what I have and also getting fed a massive amount of food with people I love is amazing. Working in the kitchen to make this delectable food is also a great time during this holiday.

I know a lot of Collegiettes must love Thanksgiving too, so here are some ideas to get you excited. I’ve compiled a list of yummy snacks that will keep your hunger satisfied until November 24th hits. They are quick and easy, too—great for the busy college student.

1. Yummy Cornucopias

​This one is super easy. You know that Bugle snack that everyone loves to munch on? Well, grab a couple bags of those. Don’t forget to pick up a bag of Runts, those candy fruits. Add them together in a bowl or a bag and BAM. You can save them all for yourself or share with friends if you’re in the giving spirit for a Thanksgiving treat.

2. Turkey Pop

Candy, did you say? My favorite word. This sweet snack is so adorable, yet doesn’t actually involve eating the animal. Take a Tootsie Pop (preferably brown) and stick a leaf to the back of it with glue. Glue a Hershey's Kiss to the other side for its head. Don’t forget to add a beak and eyes for decor. You can do this with two black beads and orange and red felt. Make your turkeys with friends or hand them out as gifts!

3. PB&J Muffin Mayflower Ships

Wow, these are creative. Who would've thought to make a muffin into a ship? Here is the recipe for you to create your own so you're ready to celebrate.


4. Mayflower Munch Mix

This recipe continues with the Mayflower ship theme. If you’re a fan of puppy chow mix or trail mix, this is for you. Grab some Chex cereal, pretzel sticks, candy corn, M&M’s, and craisins. Mix them all together and share with friends!


5. Turkey Pretzels

We can’t have Thanksgiving or November without turkeys, now can we? This recipe is so yummy and fast—it just requires chunky pretzels, chocolate melts, sprinkles, edible eyes, mini oreos, and candy corn! Get in touch with your creative side with this one.

6. Pilgrim Hat Cookies

This snack is even easier to make than the others. Buy a pack of fudge striped cookies, M&M’s, and Reese's cups, and voila!

7. Quick Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

Pies are essential for Thanksgiving, and pumpkin is a fan-favorite. Instead of slaving away all day in the kitchen making one, here’s a recipe that will have you eating in no time! It’s a cupcake-version of pumpkin pie and needs just two ingredients: yellow cake mix and a can of pure pumpkin.

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving and ends up with tight waistbands, full bellies, and grateful hearts!

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