7 of the Best Pumpkin Painting Ideas That Are Creative Yet Simple

Wow. How is it that time of year already? "Hocus Pocus" is playing nonstop on TV and every social media newsfeed is covered with pumpkin-related food, clothing or talk. Personally, this is my favorite time of year because of the creativity. There are so many ways to show your creative side during October, thanks to Halloween. There’s Halloween baking and snacks, costumes, and you can even show off your creativity with pumpkin painting.

While researching this article, I had no clue what I was going to find. What I can say now is that some people can truly turn pumpkins into works of art. If you aren't the carving type, here are some pumpkin decorating ideas just for you.

1. Emoji Pumpkins

These are simple, yet so unique and clever. They’ll certainly get a laugh out of any visitors that knock on your door and see a pumpkin painted like that on your doorstep. Check out how to paint them here.

2. Pokemon Pumpkins

Now that Pokemon Go is all the rage, these pumpkins should definitely be a fan favorite. And look how adorable Pikachu is? 

3. Melted Crayon Pumpkins

Woah. These are amazing. I’ve done a melted crayon project on a posterboard, but I never thought to apply it to a pumpkin—luckily, someone has! These are actually simple to do, and the results are so cool. 

4. Galaxy Pumpkins

I know there must be some space fans out there. There's galaxy-print everything nowadays—from hairdryers to leggings...and apparently pumpkins, too! Here’s how to make this psychedelic beauty.

5. Candy Corn Pumpkins

What is Halloween without candy corn? Whether you’re a fan of these treats or not, you have to admit these pumpkins are awesome! They are oh, so simple and super pleasing to the eye. Everyone will think you’re such an artist, but in reality, these pumpkins can take less than five minutes to prepare. 

6. Monsters Inc. Pumpkins

Who doesn’t love Disney? Well, now you can bring these spooky characters to your front porch through a simple painting act.

7. Donut Pumpkins

These are a little more advanced, but they look so real you could just drool. For all those sweets-lovers, here is a pumpkin made just for you.

Happy Halloween, collegiettes! Stay safe and be creative.

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