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6 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Whether or not you’re going to be single this upcoming Valentine’s Day, it’s always important to remember to give a little love to your true first love: your girlfriends. They’re the ones who have been there for you through thick and thin, far before he or she was even part of your life (if you’ve got a special someone) or are the ones that keep you grounded when you’re single and beginning to feel a little down from all the loveydovey-ness of the season. Without further ado, here’s 6 ideas for gifts or ways to celebrate the other special someones in your life this Galentine’s Day!

If you’re thinking of gifts…

1. Lipstick (or any makeup, really)

Personally, I’ve been lusting after these Tom Ford lipsticks ever since I saw my first YouTube makeup haul video showing these babies off. Sadly, as a struggling college student I can’t really reconcile myself with the $35.00 price tag they come with. However, If your bestie’s been eyeing a certain makeup item for a while, you could surprise her with it! It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, and there are plenty of stunning drugstore options (such as the Maybelline lipstick line) that are sure to stun her without breaking the bank.

2. Cord Taco

For the audiophile in your life, why not get them a cute cord taco to keep their earbuds untangled? It’s always a struggle when your earbuds spend 5 minutes in your backpack, then somehow end up getting so tangled in that short span of time that you end up untangling them for the next 25 minutes. Check out thisisground.com for some cute Valentine’s Day Sweethearts-themed tacos if you’re into that, or they sell some regular ones too!

3. Subscription Box Service

If you know your bestie’s really into a specific thing (whether it be makeup, cooking, coffee, etc.) get her a subscription box service! The subscription services are usually pretty flexible and you can get her a one-time subscription to let her try it out, or a package deal which usually comes in either 3-months, 6-months, or an entire year. 

If you’re thinking of celebrating . . .

1. Videochat ‘Date’

If you’re in the position where your bestie(s) just don’t live near you anymore, whether they’re off at different colleges or in different cities pursuing an internship or job, schedule a time where you can all get together and Skype. While texting in group chats keeps everyone connected, at the end of the day nothing beats seeing your bestie’s face.

2. Dinner Party

Throw a dinner party for you and your friends! Whether it’s a potluck where everyone brings their favorite dish, or you all go out grocery shopping together and have a cooking party, nothing brings people together like food. Bonus points if everyone makes desert as well. 

3. Slumber Party

In a throwback to our childhood days, why not throw a slumber party for you and your gal pals? Go all out and make it a full-on pamper session with face masks, scrubs, and mani-pedis, and if you’re of legal drinking age add some wine and/or champagne to the movie night to make it the ultimate relaxation night.

What are you doing for Galentine’s Day, Collegiettes?

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