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Who doesn’t love a good movie? And if it has a great message about sexism, gender roles or strong women, it’s even better. Here are six feminist movies to check out when you need an extra dose of girl power.

1. “Mulan”

To keep her father from having to serve in the army, she dresses like a man and joins herself. In the end, she is instrumental in saving the Emperor from the Huns. Yes, she had to dress like a man to be taken seriously, but even after she was discovered, she still wanted to protect her kingdom. Also, this is one of the few Disney movies which isn’t so focused on the idea of beauty. Not that Mulan isn’t beautiful, but that’s not what was important to the story. What was important was her strength, determination and bravery.

2. “The Color Purple”

The film tells the story of a young African American girl, Celie, in the early 20th century. It touches on the issues many women faced at the time, such as domestic violence, poverty and racism. Based on a novel with the same title, it shines a light on the intersection of racism and sexism at the time.

3. “A League of their Own”

A fictionalized account of the real-life All-American Girls Professional Baseball league, the film is about women in sports during World War II. It proves that women can do anything men can do, even in more sexist times. Sexuality, objectification and the freedom of choice are all issues that brought up in the movie.

4. “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Action flicks aren’t really my thing, but this one got my attention. The post-apocalyptic film had misogynists and MRAs throwing temper tantrums all over the place. As the Furiosa, the main character, helps five women escape their warlord boss, the message is clear: women are not objects. Furiosa and Mad Max taking on a literal patriarchy is practically as feminist as it gets.

5. “Bend It Like Beckham”

Despite being a comedy, this film does touch on important issues. Jules and Jess are two girls who both love soccer, despite their family’s objections to their athleticism. Jess’s family being a traditional Indian family adds another dimension to the film by analyzing how gender roles vary by culture.

6. “Wild”

Cheryl’s journey of self-discovery is so profound and touching, it had to be on the list. It’s wonderful to see a movie depicting a real woman, with real flaws, but who is trying to find herself and get past her mistakes. The fact that she has such determination and strength makes a feminist inspiration.

I know there are many more feminist films out there, so feel free to share: what are your favorite feminist movies, Collegiettes?

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