6 Obscure Dating Apps You Should Be Using Instead of Tinder

Are you sick of failed Tinder hookup after failed Tinder hookup? Then maybe you need to try out a new app, one that the f-boys haven’t gotten ahold of yet. Here are six new up-and-coming dating apps that match you with other people in your area in a unique way:

1) Hater

Love can’t be rainbows and butterflies all of the time—sometimes you need a little pessimism in your life! The dating app Hater allows you to swipe left and right on things you may or may not hate. Then the app uses an algorithm to match you with people who hate the same things as you. No more wondering if your date voted for Trump or not! Download it here.


2) Dog Date Afternoon

A double date with you and your dogs? It’s a dream come true! Dog Date Afternoon gives both you and your dog a profile, so you can now meet new people and new dogs. If you're the kind of person who only swipes right on Tinder profiles with puppies, then you need to be using this app instead. Added bonus? There will be no question about whether they actually own the dog or not. Download it here.


This app’s tagline? “Connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards.” This is not a joke. If you're looking for someone with more of a lumberjack look this winter, then Bristlr is the app for you. Maybe he can even chop some wood and build a fire that you can snuggle next to. Download it here.

4) Happn

When you go to your 9 a.m., you walk past what feels like a thousand people. Thanks to Happn, you now have the ability to connect with them. This app matches you to those people you “crossed paths” with, so people who you may have locked eyes with and thought, “Wow, they're cute,” are now at your fingertips. The app shows you how many times you have passed the person, as well as where and when your last encounter was. It is a little creepy but also a very unique way to meet new people. Download it here

5) Tastebuds

Meet people who like songs beyond Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow! If you ever had the fear that you would date someone with bad music taste, then this is the app for you. You first choose what artists and bands you like, and then the app will match you with people who have a similar music taste. You can even send songs to “break the ice” with people you meet. Download it here.

6) Dine

This app is for people who are really sick of dating apps which don't lead to actual dates—which is a valid complaint. Dine matches you with people who like the same restaurants, bars, etc. If you match with someone you send them a “dine request” with a specific place and you go on your date. So if you want more Judie’s in your life (and who wouldn't?),  then use this app. Download it here.

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