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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

This semester is frustrating and exhausting. Having to balance zoom fatigue, a nonexistent social life, and the pressure of replicating an entire college semester in your childhood bedroom should be illegal, but it’s not. You know that moment when… 

1. We’re literally living in a global pandemic and people try to get within six feet of you? Especially when that person isn’t respecting social distancing guidelines and wearing their mask under their nose? 

it's always sunny be gone vile man
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2. You’re in a breakout room and nobody will turn on their cameras except you, so you just break down because you miss seeing human faces other than your parents?

it's always sunny angry dennis
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3. You thought COVID-19 was just going to give you a 2-week vacation off from school, but now it’s been seven months since you’ve seen a UMass Dining Hall (and end up writing two love letters comparing them to made-up television characters)? 

it's always sunny in philadephia mac relaxing
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4. You signed a lease for your off-campus apartment too soon and now you have to cook for yourself away from UMass Dining and your mom’s cooking. (Bonus points if your hunger-driven insanity made you write a love letter to Berk’s mozzarella sticks <3)?

it's always sunny cat food frank
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5. You’re in a breakout room and nobody will talk so none of the work gets done?

it's always sunny angry charlie
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6. This one requires no explanation. You’re just tired. 

it's always sunny frustrated dennis
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Honestly… mood. 

Anna Dao

U Mass Amherst '23

Anna Dao is a junior at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, majoring in Legal Studies. She hopes to use writing as a platform for comedic relief, raise awareness for mental health, and short rants on citrus fruits. Follow her on Instagram @anna.dao and Twitter at @annadao19
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