6 Fashion Must-Haves for Darty Season

As we dive into spring semester, everyone is looking forward to the same thing: warm weather. With warm weather comes more time spent outside, more daylight and more day parties (AKA, darties). UMass is known for its iconic darties during the warm weekends, which are full of chicken fights, slip-n-slides and most importantly — fashion. Darties are the perfect place to pull out your trendiest spring clothes that have been unfortunately set aside in your closet all winter.

If you're struggling to find the perfect outfit, here are some must-haves your closet will be begging for when the first day above 50 degrees arrives.

Denim, denim and more denim is going to be a huge trend for the upcoming spring season. From denim jackets to denim dresses to plain denim jeans, everyone is wearing it. Especially as the weather gets warmer, a denim jacket is perfect to throw over your cute new summer outfits.

Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from the harsh sun, they're also just super cute. They look good in pictures, they're perfect for spicing up any outfit, what can't they do? ASOS has a great selection of inexpensive shades — check it out here.

Gingham is one of my favorite patterns that's staying in fashion this season. Style a gingham top (there's a bunch over on Nordstrom's website) with a black mini skirt, white sneakers and a jean jacket, and you’ll be ready to take on the townhouses.

This pop of color will breathe some life into early spring. Incorporate a shade like this mustard tone into your look in one statement piece: a skirt, some kicks, a cute little tank, it's up to you.

Sneakers are the perfect choice for a darty. You'll avoid getting your toes stepped on while showing off the coolest kicks you own. Beware though: Hobart Lane and the Townhouses are known for being muddy when spring comes around, so make sure to watch your step as you show off your new shoes! These Vans are super cute, especially in this baby blue color. Find a similar pair here.

Overalls are back and ready to darty. Think overall shorts, overall pants, or my personal favorite, overall style dresses (like pinafores). Add a cute sweater underneath to stay warm during the early days of spring. Check out a local thrift store for old pairs, then DIY them so they're just right!

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