The 6 Best Shows to Rewatch When You Just Want to Relax and Unwind

When you’re feeling tired and stressed, there’s nothing better than a rewatching one of your favorite shows. It’s the perfect way to unwind, and there’s no unwanted surprises, so you can just relax and enjoy. Here’s the 6 best shows to rewatch (or watch for the first time) when you just want to relax.

The Office

The Office is absolutely hilarious, and it’s still funny even on the second or third watch. There are so many memorable episodes – my go-to when I just need a laugh is season five’s "Stress Relief."

April and Andy Parks and Recreation NBC Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec is one of my all-time favorite shows, and it’s the perfect mixture of ridiculous and funny that will put you in a good mood, no matter what. Plus, the characters are amazing, and the heartwarming moments in the later seasons. 

New Girl

New Girl is the perfect light-hearted and humorous show to watch when you need to get your mind off things. It still makes me laugh out loud, even though I’ve already seen it.

Grey's Anatomy Wiki Grey’s Anatomy

I know that watching a medical drama about life and death situations is probably not what most people would consider relaxing, but I love going back to old seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Getting caught up in the relationship drama of fictional doctors is a great distraction and will definitely help take your mind off things. I have no idea what's going on in the current seasons, but there's plenty of episodes to rewatch in the first ten seasons. 


I can’t believe that more people don’t know about this show because it’s the perfect combination of crime-solving and heartwarming fun and humor. There are so many good episodes to rewatch, that range from serious and suspenseful to silly and funny. If you enjoy crime dramas or true crime, this is the perfect show for when you to watch when you want something in that genre that’s lighter and more relaxing.

Your favorite show from when you were a kid

It’s been a tough year, and nobody is going to judge you for turning on your favorite animated series from your childhood. When you want something easy and mindless to watch, there’s nothing better than children’s TV.

Woman in White Bed Holding Remote Control While Eating Popcorn Photo by from Pexels There’s so many good TV shows out there, and finding an amazing new show is always fun. But, when you want to relax, then there’s nothing better than watching an old favorite!