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5 Ways To Stay Productive After Spring Break

Remember when we were all counting down the days until spring break was finally here? Well, sadly it’s over and went by way too quickly. Spring break was a much needed mini vacation to take our mind away from all of the daily stresses we face at school, which many times seem to be never-ending. Whether you spent the week somewhere on a beach soaking up the sunshine or at home relaxing with your friends and family, we still might be in our spring break mode. Let’s be honest, after a week of having nothing to do but relax, it seems impossible to get back in to the swing of things at school. Here are a few helpful tips to stay productive after you get back from your spring break vacation.

1. Catch up on your sleep.

I’m sure most of you Collegiettes spent many hours up past your normal bedtime. It’s spring break and we had more important things to do that sleep, right? Lack of sleep tends to catch up with you a few days after so before you get back to school, or know you have a busy week coming up, make sure to allow yourself time to sleep in a little longer than normal. This will make sure you aren’t too groggy and will help you focus better on your schoolwork.

2. Go to the Gym.

One whole week of vacation means one whole week of not really caring too much about what we are eating and drinking. I’m sure many of you spent hours on the beach sipping on fruity sugary drinks, which you can now look forward to sweating out at the gym. Getting some exercise throughout your week can boost your mood and make you feel less guilty about everything you ate and drank over spring break.

3. Check your syllabus.

Checking over your classes can help you stay focused on the next few months left of spring semester. You can write down what is going to be due so you can stay ahead of the game, or even start early. Making a to-do list can also come in handy with managing your stress and time.

4. Limit social media.

This might seem like the perfect time to spend hours on social media looking at all the spring break albums. Try to limit your time on social media when you get back to school, this way you won’t be spending too much time on the computer instead of getting your homework done. 

5. Eat Healthy.

When we are on vacation it’s hard to think about healthy eating. When you get back to school try eating five small meals a day to keep your metabolism going and boost your energy. Even a small healthy snack like fruits, nuts, or veggies can be perfect in-between your classes. Healthy eating will help your immune system, which is usually run down after spring break.

Hopefully these five tips can help you out when you’re back at school thinking about how much fun you had on spring break. Summer is right around the corner and there’s only a few more months left in the spring semester. So try to stay focused and productive Collegiettes. Welcome back and cheers to a few more months until summer vacation!

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