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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Room This Semester

New semesters bring new emotions, classes, and experiences into your life. Like the seasons change, your personal aesthetic does too. Release your inner interior decorator and change up a blank wall, switch up the harsh lighting, and get creative. Whether you're trying your best to social distance in a single dorm this year, living off-campus for the first time, or studying from home, there are so many fun and simple ways you can spice up a room!

Make collages

Collages are one of the easiest ways to get some color and personality onto a wall! With just a little paper and tape, you can easily cover up a paint job you don't like or add some pizazz to a white wall. There are so many ways to collage. You can buy curated sets online at places like Etsy, print out photos of you and your friends, or cut up magazines to create a piece of unique wall art. Tape pieces around your mirror, arrange them above your bed, or layer them behind your desk for a pop of daily color and inspiration.

Add LED Lights and projectors

Bright, white lights are perfect for a good study session. But how about when you just want to relax and vibe? Lighting is a key component in creating the mood in a room. LED lights, string lights, and projector lights can easily change an entire room's atmosphere with very little setup. They come in all sorts of colors and designs. From cute pink LEDs to mystical galaxy stars on your ceiling, you can layer and customize your room's lighting to your personal aura. Other fun ways to add different lighting to a room is by getting cute neon signs or electronic candles!

Hang tapestries

Tapestries: the classic college dorm room staple. Tapestries are one of the simplest and fastest ways to add some decor to a wall. They come in so many colors and patterns and can have many different phrases and quotes on them. Different sized tapestries can be used to cover different parts of your wall. Try a large tapestry behind your bed and a smaller tapestry above a dresser or vanity. Adding a tapestry immediately makes a room feel cozier and all it takes is a piece of cloth and some Command strips.

Arrange some mirrors

We love a good classic full length mirror. But have you considered switching up the frame? Or perhaps arranging a few circle mirrors to a door so you can check yourself out before leaving for the day. Mirrors come in so many different shapes and sizes. Try sticker mirrors for easy application or smaller mirrors with stands that you can arrange on your desk or dresser. Nothing wrong with getting multiple angles when you're doing your makeup or trying on outfits! Plus, less conventional mirrors make for a fun #OOTD Instagram pic.

Switch up the bedding

Beds are the central point of most bedrooms and they are so customizable. Have a minimalist room but want a pop of color? Try out a duvet cover in a bright color you wouldn't normally pick. One way to keep it interesting is by sticking to a monochrome bedding set and changing up the look with throw pillows and blankets whenever you feel like it. Get creative with bedding textures too! Pair fluffy blankets and fluffy pillows together or try out a ruffled bed skirt.

Having a space to call your own and being able to customize it is such a great way to express yourself. Changing up decor can make a childhood bedroom feel more exciting if you're staying home this semester. It can also help bond you and your roommates together if you're living in a dorm or an apartment. Let the new semester inspire your next room upgrade!

Vera Gold

U Mass Amherst '23

Vera is a senior communication major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is the Facebook Coordinator of her chapter and loves writing about digital media, beauty, and entertainment.
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