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5 Ways To Push Past Spring Semester

Let’s face it, spring semester is always tougher than fall. With fewer breaks and what feels like more time at school, the semester can begin to feel eternal. Even though I’m only a freshman, I feel the struggle of pushing through my last semester. Here are some of my new-found tips and tricks to make the last weeks of the semester seem a bit more bearable!


1. Get ahead on homework.

This first tip might be the most annoying and serious one of them all, so let’s just get it out of the way. Get ahead on your homework! I know it’s hard and frustrating, but I promise that it will feel so accomplishing to finish a few days’ worth of homework ahead of time. I suggest taking extra time out of your daily schedule to study and getting ahead on assignments before due dates sneak up on you!


2. Workout

I must say it is so hard to get myself to the gym when the last few weeks of cold weather are still among us, but nonetheless, it feels so good when I finish my workout. Getting workouts in can be so beneficial to your life, even in ways you wouldn’t realize. Studies have shown that working out actually increases energy levels and improves mood. So, when you’re feeling tired and grumpy maybe hit the gym for a bit!


3. Make time for yourself.

Making time for yourself may go hand in hand with working out, but there are plenty of other ways to make time for yourself. For example, you can treat yourself to a spa day. Spend the day with facemasks, oil diffusers, calming music, all of the works. You can also spend time with your friends and involve yourself in activities that aren’t necessarily school related. 


4. Keep in touch with friends and family.

Another thing I have found to be helpful is keeping in touch with my friends and family from home. A great motivational tool is setting goals or writing down things you’re looking forward to doing in the near future. By talking to my friends and familiy, I am reminded that I’m going to see them soon which helps push me through the rough times of the semester. 


5. Stay positive

Staying positive is not always the easiest but it can be the most beneficial. Keeping a positive state of mind will boost your spirits and honestly just make your life easier as a whole!


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I hope these small tasks help you as much as they’ve helped me!

Estela Suarez

U Mass Amherst '22

Estela is a junior at the University of Massachusetts. She's a communications major interested in social media and writing. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and spending time at the beach in her home-state of Florida.
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