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5 Ways to Be a Good Friend

In the midst of submitting papers and taking exams, maintaining your friendships and being a good friend might be at the back of your mind. Here’s how to stay on track…  

1. Take a study break by making plans or initiating a conversation with a friend. When you shoot them a message to catch up or ask how they’re doing, it shows that you’re invested in the friendship.  Bonus points if you also send them a Buzzfeed link, a YouTube video, or even a quote that pertains to them because it shows that you’re thinking of them. Spend quality time with your friends, and don’t always wait for them to set the date to hang out. You need them just as much as they need you. With so much technology out there like texting, Snapchat, and Facebook, there’s no excuse for not staying connected to your friends.

2. Be a thoughtful friend by surprising your pals with little gifts, trinkets of your love, which remind you of them. These small gestures could be as simple as picking up your best friend’s favorite snack on your way to see her or swinging by her dorm to drop off medicine when she’s sick. Don’t wait for a holiday or for your friends to have a bad day to cheer them up; give them presents unexpectedly, it will brighten their day.

3. However, if one of your friends is having a particularly bad day like family drama or death of a loved one, make sure to be present. Be there for her when she needs to vent and someone to really listen. If she just went through a breakup, bring tissues and ice cream. Hugs are optional.   

Similarly, be by your friends’ side to celebrate the milestones in their lives such as graduation and their 21st Birthday.  

4. Be Dependable. Keep your friends’ promises; if you say you’ll be somewhere, try not to flake out. Sometimes things come up, like a surprise visit from your family or a doctor’s appointment you forgot that you scheduled at the same time you’re supposed to meet up. If you’re bedridden with cramps, that’s understandable. Cancelling because of light rain? Not okay. You’re not being fair to them if you constantly cancel your plans on your friends who are there for you. If you suddenly don’t feel like going out anymore, you would be making them adjust to your schedule. This shows that you only do things on your own time without being considerate of theirs. 

5. Be Loyal. If someone is pulling a Mean Girls move on one of your friends and tearing your friend down, stand by her side and defend her. Protection is something everybody needs and wants no matter how tough your friend acts.   

If this article reminds you of your friends because they ace this list, cherish them; good friends are hard to come by.

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