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5 Tips To Help You Get Through The Difficult Times

Are you going through a difficult time in your life?  In college it’s completely understandable to hit rock bottom every two weeks.  Whether you’re going through a breakup, got denied from a job, or just struggling with academics, don’t let it show. No matter what you’re going through, feeling confident will help you get through it. Here are five tips to help you shine even through the difficult times!

1) Enough with the yoga pants

Here’s the first thing: most girls don’t realize that you are always being watched. Whether you’re sitting in class, eating lunch or at the gym, people will check you out so don’t get caught looking lazy. If you put effort into wearing a nice outfit everyday then you’ll feel happier and more confident. I consider UMass to be one of the least judgmental schools when it comes to what to wear everyday, but why not try to be that one girl who stands out against the crowd of sweatshirts and messy buns?

2) Use your agenda book!

If you’re struggling with getting your assignments done on time then you should start using your agenda book every day. I consider my agenda book to be my bible. I refer to it for everything and it’s a great habit to start. When you write down exactly what you need to get done, you feel more accomplished when you’re able to cross it off the to do list.

3) Make a new playlist and go to the gym

I’ve never seen or heard of anyone going to the gym without listening to music. The best way to get motivated for the gym is creating a gym playlist. I know you want to work out to get that nice summer body, so why not make it more enjoyable? Sweat your problems out!

4) Take a break from social networks

It is so easy to vent through Facebook and Twitter about the things in your life that are stressing you out. The truth is that not everyone wants to know your everyday struggles (that’s what family and friends are for, so text them)! It helped me through difficult times to not go on Facebook or Twitter for a week. It’s understandable to sometimes find yourself living vicariously through other people. Seeing their successes and happiness can bring you down so take a break from it!

5) Go on a hike or nature walk!

Sometimes the best way to clear your mind is getting away from the chaos of college life, either alone or with a friend.  The fresh air and peacefulness will ease your mind and it is a great leg work out.

Good luck, Collegiettes!

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My name is Liz! I am a sophomore transfer student from Worcester State University, but I am extremely proud to now attend UMass Amherst. One day I hope to live in the city and blend my business and artistic passion into a career. They say that these are the most memorable years of your life, so I am going to open my arms up to any opportunity that can help me grow and become successful!
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