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5 Tips For Healthier Happier Hair

If you find your hair needing a boost, don’t worry. There are a few easy steps to getting healthier hair. 

1. Eat Your Vitamins

Yes, even your hair is affected by your diet and nutrition choices. The best way to boost these levels and see the transformation in the strength and shine of your locks is to start taking supplements. Vitamin D, Omega-3 fish oils, iron, and the most essential for accelerated hair growth and anti-breakage is Biotin, which you can easily pick up at a CVS or Target.

2. Know The Dos and Don’ts of Styling Tools

Blow dryers, straightening irons, wands, curlers, you name it, we own them all. Through this variety of oddly shaped and confusing contraptions that the male race will never seem to fully understand the purpose of, we tirelessly slave over getting every last flyaway into a specific curl. However the damage the extreme heat can be is catastrophic. The important lesson to be learned is that these irons are not for everyday use; a simple braid or bun can suffice many of the weekdays when the straighteners should be locked away. Find tools with a range of heat settings and use cool and low levels, held at a good distance from your scalp and ends.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Brushing

Obviously we’re not condoning botching the practice, but to avoid breakage the key is not to brush when your hair is still wet. Soak it with a towel and let your hair dry naturally while running your fingers through with a palm size amount of olive or coconut oil or other various leave in conditioners. Also invest in a boar brush with natural bristles. These distribute the leave-in products from scalp to tip for softer and shinier hair.

4. Know Where To Start

Learning how to maintain your hair correctly begins with your daily shampoo and conditioner treatments. First massage shampoo into your scalp and let the suds soak down to the tips. Conditioner can also be applied to the scalp but soaking the ends in the creamy solution for a few minutes is a far more important step. Although it is unpleasant, rinsing your hair with cool or lukewarm temperature is crucial for softer hair.

5. Eat Foods That Make A Difference

Adding essential fatty acids and protein to your diet everyday can lead to not only healthier hair, but skin and nails too. Foods rich in Omega-3 like salmon, tuna and other fish, as well as walnuts, almonds, and milk nourish the roots of your hairs’ growth. Consuming a daily dose of protein, with foods like chicken, eggs and soy, can promote shine throughout hair as well.

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