5 Times Owls Described Our End of the Year Moods

The end of the school year is an emotional time. Especially in college, there's the feeling that life around campus will freeze in time for three or four months until we return, but also that nothing will be quite the same when we do. It's hard to describe the mix of nostalgia and relief, sadness and excitement that characterizes the last few days before summer, but we think the expressions of these five owls do a pretty good job:

1. Determined

The look we get when our professors tell us it's not possible to learn a semester's worth of material in one week. (Challenge accepted.)

2. Possessive

Our exact body language when we see our old roommates with their new roommates for the next year. Cue Keith Urban with "You'll Think of Me."

3. Appalled

When we realize we won't have an unlimited amount of deliciously prepared food at our disposal from 7AM until 12AM every day of the summer. Huge bummer.

4. Old

The year went by so fast. We don't even know how old we are anymore. But we think it's really old.

5. Slightly out of control

When you're trying to soar gracefully into finals week but you can just tell you're goin' down.

With the last day of classes right around the corner, we expect we'll be seeing a lot of these expressions. But we're also hoping to witness plenty more faces of gratitude, contentment and love for the friends and memories made in just eight short months.


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