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5 Things to Get the Person Who Doesn’t Want Anything for the Holidays

“You don’t have to get me anything!” “Oh, you know me” “Honestly, I’ll be happy with anything!” It’s almost time for Winter break, and you know what that means, Collegiettes. Another year to frantically worry about what to get your friend, “Secret Santa” recipient, or even what to get your own family for the holidays. But don’t worry– HC UMass Amherst has your back! Check out these 5 gift ideas that everyone on your list will love!

1. A really soft, nice blanketWith cold winter months again, I can think of only a handful of things I want more than a warm blanket. You can find this one on Esty.com by clicking here.

2. Something to channel their creativityHelp them channel their inner child with an “adult” coloring book! Ones like “The Enchanted Forest” run for about $14 at Target, but you can also find them at Michaels or other retailers.

3. Fresh cookiesWhat better way to show someone you care than by baking them delicious treats? Make them from scratch (with a recipe on Pinterest, of course) or buy a Betty Crocker pouch from your local grocery store.

4. A gag giftWhen all else fails, go for something funny! Craft it yourself or scour Amazon for the perfect laugh.

5. UMass Amherst swag!When in doubt, spread that #UMassPride. Buy from the store in the Campus Center or buy online!

What are you getting for the people on your lists this year, Collegiettes?

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