5 Sustainable Brands That Your Bank Account Will Love

Shopping sustainably has quickly become a priority for many, as the true cost of fast fashion continues to make headlines. However, ethically and sustainably made clothes tend to be much more expensive and less accessible for many people. Here are some of my favorite affordable places to shop that are better for the planet!

  1. Girlfriend Collective is an amazing brand that carries activewear and athleisure made from recycled water bottles. Their colors are gorgeous, they have a rewards program that saves you up to 20% off every purchase, and their clothes are comfy for relaxing, but also hold up to HIIT workouts. They also recently released sweatshirts, tees, jackets, and bags, so there’s something for everyone. At around $38 for a sports bra and $68 for a pair of leggings, it is on the pricier side, but I’ve found that waiting for sales and using rewards points help lower the price.

  2. 2. PrAna

    Woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

    PrAna also makes activewear, and I’ve found that their styles are more geared towards yoga and loungewear. At a similar price point to Girlfriend Collective, I’ve had the best luck in their clearance section, where they have cute yoga tops and bottoms that are similar to Athleta or Lululemon.

  3. 3. Parade

    Parade specializes in making the softest underwear ever out of sustainable fabrics. Each pair is priced from $9 to $13, and bundling multiple pairs gets you a discount, making Parade cheaper than many non-sustainable options. With new collections with fun colors and patterns dropping every month, it’s almost impossible to have a boring underwear drawer.

  4. 4. Any thrift store!

    woman shopping for clothes in store

    One of the easiest ways to shop sustainably and support smaller businesses is by thrifting in your area or online. Apps and websites like Depop, Poshmark, Etsy, and ThredUp make it easy to buy secondhand and homemade, and don’t be scared to check out your local thrift stores. I love hunting for cute pants and unique tops, and there’s always bound to be a wide variety of clothes!

  5. 5. An honorable mention: ASOS

    While ASOS is a fast-fashion brand, there is a section called The Responsible Edit that features a wide variety of brands using recycled fabrics, organic cotton, and sustainable materials. While greenwashing by large corporations is definitely real, it’s also not realistic to shop 100% sustainably all the time. This collection at ASOS is definitely a step in the right direction, and a great affordable alternative to brands like Forever 21 and SHEIN. 

Overall, although it can be difficult to find cute and affordable sustainable brands, I’ve had the best luck hunting through sale sections and supporting small businesses. No matter how little or how much you value sustainability while shopping, it’s also important to remember that only 20 fossil fuel companies are responsible for a third of all carbon emissions. Instead of feeling guilty for not shopping sustainably, it’s more valuable to make whatever little changes you can and hold large companies accountable.