5 Sunscreens I Tried This Summer and Will Use Year Round

Summer days filled with beach trips and pool parties have given way to chillier fall days already. But the sun still shines in all seasons! It's important to protect your skin from the sun's UV rays even in the winter. While sunburn-causing UVB rays are weaker in the colder months, UVA rays still contribute to wrinkles, premature aging, and general damage year round. Welcome to my tried and true list of daily-wear sunscreens that will keep your skin healthy and happy in the summer and beyond!

  1. 1. Bioré UV Perfect Bright Milk (SPF 50+)

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    This facial sunscreen is the perfect sunscreen to wear alone or under your makeup! It is slightly pink-tinted and has a blurring effect, likening it to a primer. The consistency of this product is in the name: milky. This sunscreen's dainty finish and mattifying properties make it a perfect sunscreen to wear under the sweaty sun or paired with your favorite moisturizer on those chilly yet bright days.

  2. 2. Bioré UV Tint Milk (SPF 30)

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    This facial sunscreen is the lightweight sister to the Bioré UV Perfect Bright Milk. Its SPF isn't as strong but it is still tinted. It works well as an indoor sunscreen for when you're sitting near a particularly sunny window or as a wintertime sunscreen! I found it to have a natural-looking blurring effect on the skin. Trying to go foundation free? Try this sunscreen!

  3. 3. Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen (SPF 50+)

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    This sunscreen does double-duty, acting as both a high-powered sunscreen and a medium-weight moisturizer. The tube seems small but I've used it as both a body and facial sunscreen all summer and it has lasted me well into the fall. The consistency of this is slightly thicker than the Bioré sunscreens which is why I feel like it works well on one's arms and legs. The convenient green pump makes this a good sunscreen for mess-free application on the go.

  4. 4. Bioré UV Perfect Luster Milk (SPF 50+)

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    Lightweight with a velvety matte finish, this liquid-consistency sunscreen will last you all day in the sun. This is the all rounder facial sunscreen. It is not tinted and blends in very naturally with my skin, adding a sun-kissed glow when I step outside. This sunscreen can give you the perfect selfie shine you're looking for, sans the awkward oily patches on your face!

  5. 5. Banana Boat Sport (SPF 100)

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    This sunscreen is much too powerful for me to use as a facial sunscreen, but it works wonders as a body sunscreen. Its SPF 100 with clear UVA and UVB protection makes this an attractive product to use when the sun is strong and bright. I can confirm that the claims made on the bottle hold true, since it feels extremely lightweight. As a person who sunburns easily, using a strong sunscreen like this one helps me enjoy my sunniest days outdoors!

There are so many sunscreens available on the market and it can be difficult to know where to start when purchasing a new one. The ones I tried this summer are lightweight, easy to apply, affordable, and make your skin look and feel great! They will serve me well as the seasons come and go. Come summer, I am confident that I will repurchase all of these! Who knows, a few of these sunscreens may even make it onto my list of holy-grail products.