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As the summer heat dwindles and an autumn chill enters the air, check out these five tunes to ease your way into this fall season.


Starting off, it is no secret that Taylor Swift is the queen of all things autumn. Originally released in 2012, her Red album is essentially a soundtrack to the fall season. 

But her recent re-record of the album and the exciting addition of her extended version of her single “All Too Well” left fans jumping for joy…in a puddle of their own tears of sorrow.

This 10-minute track takes you through all the emotions of young love and heartbreak. The feeling of promises broken and betrayal from those you loved the most leaves you with the nostalgia and ache of a fall chill down your spine. 

If the 10-minute version isn’t cathartic enough for your liking (though I highly doubt it), check out the (Sad Girl Autumn Version), recorded at Long Pond Studio.

“I Get Along Without You Very Well” – Chet Baker

With fall right around the corner, I can’t help but get in a jazzy mood. I love jazz music and instrumental all year round, but there is something about autumn and jazz that work so well together. 

Chet Baker is easily one of my favorite jazz artists, and his song “I Get Along Without You Very Well” will leave you longingly reminiscing this fall. This song makes me feel as though I am taking a stroll along the streets of New York City on a crisp fall night. 

If you’re not an avid jazz listener, check out Chet Baker’s instrumental and vocal pieces; his discography is all-around painstakingly beautiful. 


If there are only two things I can be proud of when I say I am from New Jersey, they are that I share a home state with Bruce Springsteen and Jack Antanoff. So obviously, their collaboration would make its way onto any playlist of mine. 

Still, “Chinatown” gives off total fall vibes. Keeping on theme, the lyrics scream nostalgic, unrequited love.

If it hasn’t been made clear, the fall season makes me feel overwhelmingly nostalgic.

“Page Nine”- Janis Ian

Ok, enough of the sad stuff.

This song by musical legend Janis Ian is all about love developing into a lifelong partnership. Love budding may sound like spring, but Janis Ian’s delicate voice and instrumental will make you feel all the fall feels.

If you enjoy this, check out Janis Ian’s SNL performance of her song “Seventeen” in 1975.

Fun fact: Janis Ian was SNL’s first musical guest ever.

“The Joker and The Queen” (featuring Taylor Swift) – Ed Sheeran

Did you think I would get through an entire fall playlist mentioning Taylor Swift only once?

Yeah, no way. 

Like “Page Nine,” this soft love song shows the dynamic of two people in a relationship and seeing the best in each other. In this collaboration, Taylor Swift adds a verse to Ed Sheeran’s song, “The Joker And the Queen,” from his latest album. 

Although I love Ed Sheeran’s solo version, Taylor Swift adds immensely to the song. The contrast of their voices works so well to tell a beautiful story. 

Be sure to check out these five songs as fall gets underway!

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Samantha Baldacci

U Mass Amherst '25

Sam is currently a Junior at UMass Amherst studying Biology and Psychology. She enjoys reading, listening to music, aimlessly scrolling on TikTok, and hanging out with friends.