5 Reasons Why I’m Excited For the Colder Weather to Arrive

Even though it still feels like summer's in the air, the school year is back in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited. From reuniting with friends, to attending all your favorite clubs and sporting events, and obviously getting to party four times a week again, there’s really not a whole lot we dislike about the start of the academic semester, that is, except the heat. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for it to be 90 degrees and sunny, as long as I’m lying on a beach getting a tan and not trapped in an un-air-conditioned classroom for what seems like way longer than 90 minutes. Given that, and the reasons below, I’m sure you’ll agree with us when we collectively ask: can it just be freaking fall already?

1) No more becoming all gross and sweaty on your way to class.

Collegiettes, I’m sure you’ve been in this situation more than once, (or in my case, every other day) when you conveniently leave yourself 3 minutes to get to your class across campus, and end having to book it as to not arrive late and embarrass yourself in front of a huge lecture. You get there just in time, hella sweaty but feeling very accomplished. Cue the chub rub of your sticky thighs against a chair and having to apologize to the hottie next to you for casually dripping sweat on them. Not sexy.

2) Getting to wear your sweaters / boots / leggings collection.

It’s a universal truth that sweater weather is better weather. Like seriously, is it just me or does society automatically become 5x happier when the leaves change color, it drops to 50 degrees and pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING is finally released? Or maybe it’s just because we get to wear like, 90 percent of our wardrobe and no longer have to stress over making sure that our select few pairs of jorts are washed.

3) Colder weather means that vacation is sooner.

Disregarding the fact that the weather was super unpredictable this year and decided to jump 20 degrees higher from August to September, the colder it gets generally reminds us that winter break is approaching, which means reuniting with family, having an excuse to put on “holiday” weight, and getting to watch Love Actually, the Grinch, and your favorite Thanksgiving-themed episodes of Friends or Gossip Girl for the millionth time.

4) Halloween, dressing up, Halloween parties, oh yeah did I mention HALLOWEEN?!

What date specifically comes to mind when you think of a chilly, fall night? Duh, it’s October 31st. There’s nothing we love more than the one night a year (other than your birthday, of course) where blacking out is not just socially acceptable but encouraged. Getting to plan your costumes in advance, taking a ridiculous amount of pictures with your friends, and unlimited places to throw down are just some of the limitless perks that Halloween presents.

5) Snow days.

One of the best things about cold weather is that there’s always an extremely slim possibility that the odds are in our favor and we receive a snow day. I’ll graciously accept this as a chance to party and go sledding with all my friends whilst ignoring all the work I have due the next day.

Collegiettes, if we haven’t made our point clear enough, fall and winter should be your new favorite seasons. To be honest, I’d rather be toasty warm in a jacket than disgusting and sweaty in shorts and having a t-shirt cling to my skin. All that’s really left to say is: BRING ON FALL!