5 Reasons Midterms Aren't So Bad

Midterms are upon us at UMass and the stress levels have risen. W.E.B Du Bois is packed to the nines with students frantically studying trying to cram for their next Econ exam or trying to finish up that group project that has only just been started. Here are some reasons that midterms aren't that bad.

1. Once they’re over, they’re over.

You can really spend your time doing the things you want to do, like start to read "Moby Dick" or learn how to start knitting a giant blanket for the winter. The possibilities are endless. Let go of the stress!

2. Midterm grades don’t define your entire college career.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s one grade out of the hundreds of grades you’re going to receive in school and one grade is not going to change everything. Remember to try to relax and see everything in the big picture.

3. You can study with friends.

Studying with friends is actually a lot of fun. It’s a chance for you to get together with some friends and push each other. I find that when other people are there when I study, I study harder because I know we’re all in the same boat. Cheer each other on!

4. You can watch "All Star" videos when you’re taking a study break.

Those are the best. I would highly recommend searching "All Star" by Smashmouth, but every word is "somebody." I'm positive it'll turn your mood around. If that doesn't work, try watching a stand up special on Netflix, I promise it'll work.

5. It gives you the chance to enjoy the rest of the semester.

Take a break once in a while.

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